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Assessing Training As An Effective Tool For Staff Development In Business Organization

Many companies do not regard training as an effective tools and a professional activity. Perhaps, training officers are not adequately trained. Many courses are held and employees are sent to college without any positive yieldness being given the real training as demanded by the company.

Some organizations or firms have noted the waste of money on external training, coursed objective is often defined, these should be determined together with the staff qualitative and experience course. A system or reporting back after each course is essential.


Title page




Table of Content

Chapter One

1.1 Introduction

1.2 Statement of the Problem

1.3 Objective of the Study

1.4 Significance of the Study

1.5 Historical Background of International Breweries Plc

1.6 Definition of Terms

Chapter Two

2.1Literature Review

2.2Evaluation of training needs

2.3Importance of Training

2.4Resources for Staff Development

2.5Methods of Training and Development

2.6Impact of Training and Development in an Organization

2.7Advantages of Training to Development

2.8Problems in Training

Chapter Three

3.1Research Methodology

3.2Research Population

3.3Research Design

3.4Sample and Sampling Techniques

3.5Method of Data Collection

3.6Method of Data Analysis


Chapter Four

4.1Data Analysis and Interpretation

Chapter Five

5.1Summary for Findings






The report should be delivered to the training officer and the department head. And individual must be given an opportunity to use the knowledge acquired. When the skills and knowledge required have been noted, a training programme is essential for the institutional progress, the programme should be periodically evaluated. The training officer therefore advises the management the training policy on the needs for training. The training officer analyses job to identify skills, plan programme and evaluate cost of training, also he must keep abreast with the method of training and these include programmed learning.

The organization committee ensures that staff gets the most form of their job and are able to access personal development opportunity. To achieve these, some certain conditions must be put into consideration:

o   Implement key policies to deliver in order to achieve high quality of staff development and training.

o   Provide the resources and implement the staff development and training programme,

o   Ensure efficient communication, staff development and training opportunities.

o   Develop a learning culture and workers towards becoming a learning organization

o   Ensure they invest in people, standard is net in aspect of people’s management.


It has been observed that technological change in machinery, method of production, material to be used, product to be introduced, e.t.c. all these pose problem to the organization and should be taken into consideration while making on the training and development of the employee.

Prior to training, wastage of resources was other of the day. People are not competent because of lack of technical know-how which invariable leads to inefficiency of worker.

More accident were recorded on the job because of workers did not know how to handle most of the equipment in the organization. This will substantially affect the workers and the firm as well.

Therefore, adequate training and development programme should be provided in for the employee in an organization. To prevent the following underlisted problems in an organization if employees are not trained, there will be increase in the number of breakage and spoilage during and after production process.

  • High rate of labour turnover and absenteeism
  • Reduction in the number of production procedure
  • Increase in the number of accident on performing job.
  • Increase wastage of time on a given task or job
  • Low quality performance on a given task. Much more constant and unnecessary supervision.


The importance of training and development cannot be over emphasized, many large and manufacturing industry or organization in Nigeria train and develop their employee.

Ensure that the organization has a skilled motivated workforce to deliver high quality and improving service to the people. The following are the objective;

  • To explain and analyze the importance of training
  • To distinguish clearly the difference between training and development.
  • To highlight various method of training and development
  • To explain how to plan for staff development and training.


The significance of this study provides information on the expected problem that could arise in the chosen establishment.

The nation is generally affected by mainly all operation of the co-operation and any problem in the organization becomes the problem of the whole company.

This study will also help to indicate which area or aspect of affective communication should be improved, maintained, and reduced. The area importance is how communication will be effective in the case study and also to form a base for proper planning, forecasting and decision making.

The study will serve as a point of reference for further research for the organization where this study was carried out and for anyone who may be interested in carrying out similar study.


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