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The Roles Of Packaging In The Marketing And Distributon Of Consumer Product


The study will help the manufacturer that package help in protecting their product in various ways such as protection of fragile product from getting destroyed both in strength and in the hand of packaging in the marketing and distribution of consume product using unilever Nigeria plc as a case of study.

The chapter one deals with introduction to the objectives. Definition and the scope of packaging in the marketing and distribution of product of which consume cannot be overlook in the society to start with its paramount importance to stress that packaging is the external factors in which product is enclosed.

The chapter two is concerned with the literature review of the roles of packaging varies from a very minor element to a major marketing as the silent fourth “p” along with price, product. Product has to confront the issue of packaging in the case of physical product is offered to the market.

The chapter tree point out the various methodology of collecting data and research method is design to gives a comprehensive report of the methodology employed in collecting information on the effect of marketing and distribution of consumer product.

The chapter four deals with analysis and the presentation of the data collected and it also involves scaring for trend and pattern of association and relationship found among the data or group.

The chapter five goes on the summary, recommendation and conclusion and a suggestion for further study is meant to give an over look on the whole project base on what is written on packaging and what we obtained in the practical sense of it which the research limited itself to the use of primary data (questionnaires)and the research work could have been extended to other business organization to examine the usefulness of packaging for achieving effective sales performance data to attracts consumer attention.










1.2statement of the study

1.3purpose of the study

1.4scope of the study

1.5definition of terms

1.6Rationale for the study


1.8Historical background of unlevel Nigeria plc organ


2.0 Literature review

2.1 roles of packaging in the marketing and distribution

2.2 Protection

2.3 Promotion

2.4 Economy


2.6Product differentiation

2.7Product information

2.8Symbolic image





2.13 Moisture gain of moisture loss

  1.     Re-use opportune

2  Consumer effluence Level of packaging

2.16 Development of packages a marketing tools

2.17 Packaging policies strategies

2.18 Types of packaging materials and their effect on marketing and distribution

2.19 Qualities of a well designed package

2.20 Organization of packaging

2.21 Consideration in packaging design

2.22 Factor influencing choices of packaging design

2.23 Purpose of packaging

2.24 Packaging design

2.25 Criticism of packaging

2.26 Social and legal aspect of packaging




3.1Research methodology

3.2Primary source of data collection

3.3Types of primary source of data collection

3.4Secondary source of data collection

3.5Types of secondary source of data collection

3.6Method of data collection

3.7Questionnaire design



4.0 Data analysis presentation and interpretation

4.1 Respondent characteristic and classification


5.0 Summary

5.1 Conclusion

5.2 Recommendations

5.3 Reference

5.4 Appendix



The roles of packaging in the marketing and distribution `of consumers cannot be overlooking in the society.

To start with it is paramount importance to stress that packaging is that external features in which product is enclosed the containment of a product which include the physical box and the table.

It is quite obvious that packaging play a significant role in the marketing distribution of consumer’s product.

Though some years ago, packaging was a minor element the marketing miss for a product. The traditional packaging concerns of manufacturers are product protection and economy. The third packaging objectives which come close to considering the consumer in convenience. This means such thing have size, option and packaging that are easy to open.

The fourth objectives and promotion had received increasing recognition manufacturers and fifth objectives is economy which deals with disposal of packaging materials and its effect on the apart from those mentioned above various factors account for the recognition of packaging as an independent and protecting selling tools such as services, consumer affluence, company and branch image and in vocational opportunity.

Before any manufacturing organization can achieve their goals, they will have to study very close the want and need of the consumers. They will have to study those thing that the consumer  loose for in a product before purchase action is taken when the production is to right quality and the right price, the consumer will look for packaging.

As a result with quality and right price quality and right price but bad packaging will face service problems in the market.

As marketing concern, if satisfy is customer act a profit. These activities are therefore carried out on packaging, product play vital role in planning, executing organization goal and objectives. The objectives of this research work are as follow:

  1. To find out the usefulness of packaging in the marketing and distribution of consumer product in the Manufacturing Organization taking unilever. Nigeria Plc as a case study.

II . To establish indispensible position of packaging in the whole marketing and distribution.

  1. What are the methods of packaging product in an organization?
  2. What are the factors that determined adoption of packaging for a product?
  3. What roles of assist in playing the growth of an economy and how does it assist in playing this roles?

The importance of the study is to highlight the role played by packaging in the marketing and distribution of product in manufacturing industry.

The study will also serve as an eternal stimulus to quick buying decision are some of the factor that prevent the sale some product but a properly designed packaging may serve as an external stimulus to quick buying decision making in the olden days, the main function that was performed in packaging was to provide means of transport for a product between the point of consumption. Packaging was then considered as a minor element in the market mix for a product, but recently packaging was added a wide range of function and main function now container. Since packaging effect consumer preferences and choice of a product hence success of failure of a product depends to a greater extent on packaging.

This study is set out to show right on what

  1. i) Packaging really means.
  2. ii) The importance of packing

And how product packaging are being designed to suit the expended functional of packaging. It is also to make it know to the consumer that apart from packaging, it is also to serve as a used value. One should know that a number of packaging are purposely designed to allow package re-use for other purpose. The study will help the manufacturer that packaging helps in protecting their product in varies ways such as protection of fragile product from getting destroyed both in transit and in the hand of consumer. It also helps to prevent from being their colour taste flavor etc.

The study will enable us to know that packaging help the manufacturing organization in promoting product indirect advertising programme intend to stimulate quick buying action for the consumer. The study will also make it clear to use that packaging helps in differentiating product and also bring reduction to transportation cost.

The study helps the manufacturing organization to make a good and proper a-packaged for their product so in designed suitable package for their product because it roles are indispensable and it increase the sales volume and profit level of the form.


This project is mainly based on packaging with reference to unilever Nigeria plc.

The study focuses on the role of packaging to the marketing and distribution of consumer product.


1.MARKETING: it is the process in which a society demand and structure for economy goods and services. In anticipated or enlarged and satisfied through the concept , promotion exchange and physical distribution  of such goods and services in a society responsible manner

  1. ADVERTISING: This is a non-personal communication directed at target audience through various communication media in order to present a particular programme.

The role of packaging in a marketing and distribution of consumer product as a case study of unilever Nigeria plc presented to business studies department the polytechnic Ilorin portal fulfillment of the requirement for the award for national diploma


Lots of problem was encountered during the counsel of this project. The company used as the case study of unilever Nigeria plc were very had to reach too and very relevant to give out information concerning the company initially with the fear that information given might be use as weapon against by other competitor within the industry unit we are able to prove and assured some of the company senior staff member that all information gather red will be used for our project and not for anything else but until the assurance was given that were helpful.

Non-availability of necessary textbook and journal on packaging to be consulted for this project also contributed to the to the problem encountered during the course of writing this project.

Financial constraint is one of the factors because the cost travelling from Ilorin to unilever Nigeria Plc, Oregun. Lagos state to collect reluctant information for the success of this project constituted to our inability to collect as much as possible.


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