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The Role Of Marketing Research In The Achievement Of Organizational Objectives

Download complete project materials on The Role Of Marketing Research In The Achievement Of Organizational Objectives from chapter one to chapter five with references


The project proposal of chapter one is based on expanded definition of marketing research approved in 1987 by the American association, marketing research specifies the information required to achieves the issues, design the implement the data collection process analysis the result and communicate the fencing and their implications. Chapter one deals with background of the study, introduction, aims and objective of the study, significance of the study, scope of the study limitation and constraints of the study, and hypothesis formulation, chapter two contain literature review, evaluation of marketing research process, organization goals and objective, organization and the effect of marketing research on organization food goals and objective

chapter three contain research methodology, research population and sample, research design and data collection instruments, administration of instruments and method of data analysis. Chapter four contain data analysis of returned questionnaire, testing of hypothesis and interpretation. Chapter five summary conclusion and recommendation which result from the data collected as analysis in chapter four and the review of related literature. After which a dependable references will be given for better confirmation.

Table of content

Title page




Table of content

Chapter one

1.0 background to the study

1.1 introduction

1.2 aims and objective of the study

1,3 significance of the study

1.4 scope of the study

1.5 limitations and contracts of the study

1.6 hypothesis formulation

chapter two

2.0 literature review

2.1 evaluation of marketing research

2.2 definition of marketing research

2.3 the use of marketing research process

2.4 organization goals and objectives

2.5 organization goals and objective to active target return on investment

2.6 type of organization goals and objective non-profit marketing organization

2.7 the effect of marketing research on organization food goals and objectives

Chapter three

3.0 research methodology

3.1 research population and sample

3.2 research design

3.3 data collection instructions

3.4 administration of instructions

3.5 method of data analysis

Chapter four

4.0 data analysis and presentation

4.1 analysis of returned questionnaire

4.2 testing of hypothesis and interpretation

Chapter five

5.0 summary conclusion and recommendation

5.1 summary of findings

5.2 conclusion




An expended definition of marketing research was approved in 1987 the American marketing association. The previous definition (the systemic gathering, analysing of data) has criticized because it view marketing research activities too narrowly. The new definition state: marketing research is function which links the consumer, customers and public to the marketer through information use to identify and defines marketing performance and improves understanding of marketing as a process.

Marketing research specifies the information required to address this issue designs Design the method for collection information; management and implements the data collection process; analysis the result and communication the finding and their implications

A cardinal principle of marketing is that the film should seek to determine the multi-dimension nature of customers demand and satisfaction and to maintain a step ahead at its competition through techno logical innovation.

This project aims at finding out research could be used as a tool for marketing decision towards improving organization goals objective.

The company chosen as the research base for this P.Z (Nig) PLC with the growing emphasis in customer’s satisfaction. It is essential that research should be undertaken on marketing decision to identify marketing opportunities. This necessary for organization to seek understand customer behaviour his want and the price he is ready to pay for satisfying these wants. Management must therefore constantly seek to identify and measure the dynamic of social behaviour.

Marketing researchers play a vital role in the operation of an organization, supply relevant information for decision marketing. This can be seen that the purpose of marketing research is to enhance profitability through good decision making of social behaviour.

Its an established fact that decision made or based on factual data derived from using research for their marketing programme.


For manufacturing company to achieve its cooperate goals or objective of making, maintain, its maintain its image and gain credibility and acceptance in the minds of prospective products, and for it to be distinct from competitors products, there should adequate, effective and efficient marketing strategy so as to achieve its set goals or objective.

In the same vein, a film must out or extract the needs of the customers before attempting to manufacture or products that will best satisfy those needs of marketing places through data and information collection base on marker decision. Product with right quality (commensurate to the prestige of the potential requires proper and adequate and constant approach of market resources to suit the needs of the final and potential customers.

Hence, research is drawing from the past reflect consequently growth is the aims objectives of an organization, conscious direction of the satisfaction of market needs is necessary.

In a nutshell, market and economic condition in recent years have led to a better understanding of the needs for and values of formal researching. Tract any success that management has in increasing profitability of organization operation depends on large part upon the nature of its marketing research strategy.


The overall aims objectives of study is to examine the sole of making research in the achievement of organisation objectives of an organisation, using P.Z Nigeria PLC as a case study. Specifically the would strife to achieve the under listed objective;

i.To assist enlighten the public on the full understanding at what research for marketing is all about

ii.Ascertain the effect of research as a tool for marketing in the operation of P.Z Nigeria PLC

iii.Determine the benefits derivable from undertaking. Research for marketing by an organisation

iv.Make appropriate recommendation sound decision making


Every research study that is conducted its importance to the researcher and to the company used as a case study.

The review of literature has made it crystal clear that title work has been carried out views textbooks on marketing research. Hence, this study is to make additional work as a research on this topic.

The study would review the process of research for on the present and project into the future. Thus what to do, when and how to do it and who will do it.

Research involves mapping out course of action to get and organisation to where to go on where it through to be in the future, the position the organisation wanted to attain over and efficient research with attempt to achieve a better and meaningful results a marketing researcher makes use of both secondary and primary data as a source of materials to achieve their overall objectives of and organisation.


Therefore the purpose of marketing research is to integrate and coordinate and organisation resource ad effort to accommodate the need for it to be revised. It can be therefore being said that research involves current of present activities that anticipate need of the future.

Marketing research department is usually tasked with responsibility of development of new product and improvement of existing product in most organisation. Thus, it is required of the staff or member of that department to have basic knowledge of marketing research process, understanding of mathematically reasoning and statistical methods, and management and organisation techniques. Most importantly they must possess the ability of the concepts to analyse problem.

For better result in marketing research, it is goods for a firm to be customer-oriented, since profitability and marketing decision in the achievement of organisational goals or objectives in an organisation part early P.Z Nigeria PLC. It will show the company’s actives help in satisfying its customer’s desire, motives, attitude and behaviours.

The study would review the process of research for marketing decision. It would suggest ways of minimizing error in research for marketing, so as to facilitate decision making process and enhance good goals and objective. It is hope therefore that P.Z Nigeria PLC, on which this project out, would find this study to be of great value to its research wok would go a long way to be help to the newly established business enterprises customer’s needs.


The need for marketing research as a tool for marketing decision in essential for the survival and growth of an organisation. However, attempting to cover all organisations. Would be hectic in the research and unrealistic. Hence the research is confine to one of the leading companies in the country that is, P.Z Nigeria PLC. “market of motor tyres”

The research will show the problem being encounter red in the early introduction of the product and the important of existing product to the market.

To carry out research, the bonfire marketing staff P.Z Nigeria PLC will saved with questionnaires which will be retrieved and analysed for the purpose of the purpose of this project.


This research study would be affected buy both controllable factor such as the factors as the human facto, time and cost availability of data and interviewers and respondent bias.

TIME: The time stipulated for the study is very short for the entire project work to be completed because of that, the researcher has to combine academic work with the research study. This will lead to an urgent work is bound to have some in adequacies.

i.Cost: This is another noticeable set .of limitation which is the finance inadequacy. He cost will limit the scale of third study with regards to the travelling cost for third for facts.

ii.Interviewers and Respondent: Another limitation is non-expounds and introduction of bias curing the interviewer and the respondents.


Ho: There is no difference between decision based on marketing research and on intuition.



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