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The Impact Of Business Environmrnt On The Operstion Of Business Organization (A Case Study Of International Brewery Plc, Ilesa)

The business becomes a social institution interrelation with other element of the social environment that is religions. Economic, political, legal and cultural. Today business operate in more environment that its predecessor. The early environment which government presence was not much felt.

A scientist and technologies grew new interest develop and new develop and new institution emerge to project such interest.

Table of contents
Table of contents

Chapter one

1.1 Introduction
1.2 Statement of problem
1.3 Significant of the study
1.4  Scope and limitation of the study
1.5  Definition of terms

Chapter two
2.0 Historical background of the study
2.1 Literature review
2.2 Definition of business
2.3 Definition of business environment
2.4 How business can cope with environment constraints
2.5 Type of environment
2.6 Type of business

Chapter three
3.1  Research methodology
3.2  Research design
3.3  Research samplin technique
3.4  Research instrument
3.5   Sources of data collection
3.6   Population sample
3.7  Sample size.

Chapter four
4.1 Data analysis and presentation

Chapter five
5.1 Summary    
5.2  Recommendation
5.3 Conclusion
5.4  Referenses
5.5  Appendix

With technology, business becomes bigger and more remote from their customer, the need for a countervailing power to business, led to the location of new institution that is community activities consumer researches.

Business is a lawfully organized activity one by the people for the satisfaction of human wants and for which money is paid in a more general senses business could mean a trade or commerce, which include the buying and selling of goods and services. it should be noted that they are in the business for a definite purpose. That is meeting people demand for monetary reward.

The word business can also be interpreted as employment that is, the trade or profession out of which and individual earns a living. Business may also be defined as a commercial or industrial concern in which people have invested money.

An entrepreneurs reward for risking his depend in any business venture is profit, but this is however, depend on his ability to organized and combine other various factor of production at his disposal in the best proportion to attain the best results.

The concept of business was adequate in the early 19th century, before the industrial and technology initiation and the consequent emergence of large industrial revolution. The impact of business transcends the myopic economic view business that becomes a social institution interacting with other element of the social environment.

For every research work done, there is always a purpose for doing it, in this case the writers purpose of carrying out this research stuffy in numerous.

Further more the purpose of the research study is to investigate and practice of advertising as an aid of business development with particular reference international brewer’s plc ILESA. The study included the advertising objective function, problem and prospects with relation to better coordination of activities in attaining organization goals and objective.

In addition, the study included is to examine and auggested the best possible way which international brewers plc can improve onits to sale promotional devise which are indispensable function. It is as a result of this that time as been chosen so as to identify the problem provide solution to the problem of advertisement.

There is numerous advantages to be got from this study these findings will provide an insight reason why majority of the present day organization engage in advertising their products as a means of increasing their sales volume in the organization
Also, this study will definitely create a better understanding for all sundry in the business operation.

The study of the research is to examine the business environment international breweries plc. ILESA. It would also look at the general overview of business environment as applicable in beer producing industry in Nigeria. With much emphasis on the environment factors.

Due to time and financial constraints, some vital information could not be easily and timely collected. This has no small measure affected this research work out believe is that this finding will motivate others in researching further into other interesting topic. Other limitation to this research work is lack of text book, lack of finance and in cooperative attitude of the respondents.


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