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The Effect Of High Cost Of Building Materials On Porperty Development

In any planned economy of the world, the issue of high cost of building material cannot be over-emphasized. There should be a regulatory bodies or agencies of government with the view to achieve harmonic development in real property market in such a way and manner as to promote economic growth and satisfaction to the terming population who invest in this sector of economy as a result of significant role building materials play in real estate, there must be a check to any abnormal rise in such materials being used in other not to cause high cost of building construction. 

However, due to weakness in regulatory agencies there is an alarming rate of inflationing trend leading to unstable economy in our nation which therefore has an adverse effect on the building industry.

Furthermore, due to the capital that will be part and property development, investor in real estate found it very difficult to build. And as a result there is delay in completion of any project been proposed to the done.

This study is therefore aim at highlighting the various problems with high cost of building materials on real estate development.

It is believed that the result of the study will provides the recommendation which if implemented will ensure effective control of high cost of building materials and enhance property development in real estate sector of our economy.

Title page                                                                 
Table of content                                                       

1.0      Introduction
1.1      Statement of problem
1.2      Aim of the study
1.3      Objectives of the study
1.4      Significant of the study
1.5      Scope of study
1.6      Limitation of study
1.7      Study area
1.7.1 Locational plan
1.8      Definition of terms

2.0      Literature review and conceptual framework
2.1      An appraisal of Nigerian’s economic policy on real market
2.2      Property development process
2.3      Those involved in real property development
2.4      Concept of real property development
2.5      Source of property finance
2.6      Concept of property investment
2.7      Factors affecting high cost of building materials

3.0      Research methodology
3.1      The research design
3.2      Data types and source
3.3      Instrumentation for data collection
3.4      Sample frame, sample size and sampling procedure
3.5      Method of data collection
3.6      Method of data analysis

4.0      Data presentation and analysis
4.1      Trend of building materials prices in the study
4.2      Types of property along with their rental values
4.3      Nigerian economic indicators

5.1   Summary of findings
5.2   Conclusion
5.3   Recommendations

Development has a wide meaning among Architects, Engineers and surveyor. Development has been defined by statute the best known being the town planning laws in Europe America, Africa and else where. The most collaborated of them all, the British town and country planning Act of 1947 has defined “Development building engineering mining of other operations in, on, over or under the land or the making of any materials charge in the use of any building or other land.

In the course of time, the cost of construction of a decent shelter for an average family began to rise, cost of building materials and inflation much more than thus, was the immediate need to contain the over populated urban centres, which were fast charring out ghettos of different sorts. The rise in the population could no longer be match with corresponding rise in the provision of good shelter for the populace majority of the people did not even have enough to live not to mention having money to build their own houses. There, nor arise a problem of providing shelter for the ever-emphasizing population in a depressed economy.

Properly development may be under taken to meet new or an expanding demand as in the case of house building be needed to replace existing assets in order to meet present demand more effectively or the supplant oblate properties.

     Due to instability of the economic which result into devaluation of the naira, building materials most of which are imported into the country have continued high in cost. This result to inadequate supply of building materials, shortage of accommodation and inadequate infrastructure development which affect housing supply.

 The aim of the study is to examine the effects of high cost of building materials on property development in the study area.

The objectives include:
1.  To identify the various types of property development in the study area.
2.  To examine various types of building materials
3.  To examine the cost of building materials for some years.
4.  To examine the effect of high cost of building materials on housing development
5.  To recommend solution to the problem at hand.


This study could be used in solving problem that arise as a result of high cost of building materials as it related to property development.

It exposes the researcher to different materials and method of construction available in the industry in other to beat down cost of construction.

It will enable the industry to known how to improve in its services as per finding alternative approach in solving the problem at hand.



The disciplinary scope of this study is the effect of high cost of building materials on property development, while the spatial scope is on Ile-Ife.

A.The time limit given for the project by the school Authority has limited a wide research on such topic.
B.Fund to run some expenses for the project is not sufficient which has restricted a wider study
C.People did not want to divulge information needed for the study because they though the exercise is meant for tax assessment.

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