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The Effect Of Conflict Management On Organization Efficiency


The tile of this research is the effect of conflict management on organization efficiency (A case study of Cadbury Nigeria Plc, Lagos) conflict in any organization is inherent and inevitable. In the light of the above, this research work is out to look into hoe it is being managed in the organization. The relationship between the employer and employees is sometimes harmonious often time it’s conflictive. These conflicts arise principally from the fact that those who own and control an organization are different from those who create the wealth of organization and their interested are not alike. 

Owner of organization are majorly concerned with minimizing cost and maximizing profit, worker on their own part are generally concerned with improved working condition and remunerate which inevitable lead to increase cost of the management. The researcher project discuss about the introduction extending to the statement of problem, purpose of study and definition of terms. The researcher goes further to entails literature review, meaning of conflict, type of conflict, meaning of organization, theories of organization, procedure for setting dispute in organization, major policies of Cadbury Nigeria Plc towards developing and maintaining harmonious industrial, relations and the effect of management of conflict in the organization.         

The researcher also deals with resercy methodology among others like, research design and procedure, data collection instrument and reliability and validity of instrument. It also contains the result of findings covering the demographic features of respondents, representation and analysis according to hypothesis.

Finally, research project involves summary, conclusion and recommendation, their bibliography and appendix followed.


Title Page




Table of contents


General Introduction

1.1  General Description of the study

1.2  Objective of the study

1.3  Significance of the study

1.4  Hypothesis of the study

1.5  Scope of the study

1.6  Limitation of the study

1.7  Definition of the study

1.8  The problem of Cadbury Nigeria Plc, Lagos

1.9 Administration of Cadbury Nigeria Plc Lagos


2.0 Introduction

2.1 Meaning of conflict

2.2 Organization of conflict

2.3 Level of conflict

2.4 Type of conflict

2.5 Causes of conflict

2.6 Meaning of organization

2.7 Types of organization

2.8 Organization theory

2.9 Machineries for conflict management in Nigeria

2.10 Major policies of Cadbury Nigeria, Plc towards development and maintaining harmonious industry relations

2.11 Inter-relationship between conflict management and organizational



3.0 Introduction

3.1 Method of data collection

3.2 Population Size

3.3 The population sample

3.4 Data collection instrument

3.5Validity and reliability of research instrument


4.0 Introduction

4.1 Data Presentation, Analysis of Bio Data

4.2 Test of hypothesis


5.1Summary of Findings








The relationship between the employee is sometimes harmonious often times it is conflictive. These conflict arise principally from the fact that those who own and control organization are different from those who work and create wealth  of the organization.

Whereas owners of organization are practically concerned with minimizing costs and maximizing profit workers generally are concerned with improve working condition and remuneration which will inevitably lead to increase cost of the management

Within the average organization a number of issues have over year become a source of conflict between the two major factors at work system.

These are

  1. Unfavorable condition of service

ii.Inability of management to hour agreement

iii.Termination of staff appointment or other forms of job severance

iv.Lock of proper communication

  1. Non-provision of welfare like staff bus, tea coffee at work place

vi.Disciplinary matters leading to dismissal suspension etc.

vii.Competition over resources

viii.Personal clashes etc.

With the arising of any of these issues conflict is bound to occur its management is therefore, germane for organization to survive


The major aim and the objective of this research work is to look in to importance of the effect of conflict management on organizational efficiency in the organization.

The benefit derived from it and the effect of such management in the contribution to increasing human relation and productivity in the organization


The effect of conflict management on organization efficiency is of great importance to the actors in any labor system. This study is expected to contribute to knowledge of scholar as well assist management in organization both private and public to appreciate and device means of handling conflict issues as it has greater implication on the success and performance of an organization.

The outcome of this research work will encourage and re-orientate the management and employee in organization to know when to maintain harmony at work system for both major parties to achieve their objective and aims

The study is also important because it provides adequate means of appreciating the likely sources of conflicting. In the organization thereby serving as a signals to the concerned to avoid its side effects.

It will also help the management of Cadbury Nigeria plc, Lagos to understand the more reason to maintain peaceful co-existence between the management and employee (UNION) and humoring the government legislation for its profit maximization objective to persist.

Also the study will provides a clear and picture of how the union unit of the organization can work together without any power tussles or competition our resources in order to achieve the desired goals and objectives of the organization.

Finally the study will serve as a guide to young graduate and undergraduates of management to know and understand the management of conflict as a vital strategy for sustaining organization survival


Hypothesis is a statement of belief regarding a phenomenon, fact or relationship among various. Hypothesis is always tested against facts before it is accepted or rejected

There are two types of hypothesis

Null hypothesis: it is tested for rejection or acceptance depending on the sampling experience. It is denoted by Ho


Alternative hypothesis: represent the hypothesis or statement to the taken as true when null hypothesis (Ho) is false that is rejected. This represents acceptance only if the data provide convincing evidence of its truth. It is denoted by (H1)


Null hypothesis Ho tested in this project it as follows:

  1. Conflict is not inherent and inevitable in an organization.
  2. Management of conflict does not affect the productivity of the organization

Alternative hypothesis (H1) is to tested in those project as follow:

  1. Conflict is inherent and inevitable in an organization
  2. Management of conflict affect the productivity of an organization.


The extent to which work is carried out shall be considered. That is brief synopsis of the research exercise


It covers all aspect of the management an organization efficiency with emphasis in organization. The study aims to described explain and illustrate how the management of Cadbury Nigeria plc Lagos has been able to maintain industrial harmony.


The project work concentrate on the management of conflict in an organization. The research is faced with the problems of getting the worker to return the distributed questionnaire. Most of them are not ready to give the required information relating to the organization


Also there is limited time to carry out the research work due to the short period of time couple with the insufficient fund to cope with traveling to the source of the information in Lagos as planned.


  1. Conflict it is a process which begins when one party perceives that other had frustrated or it is about to frustrated or it is about to frustrated his/her effort.
  2. Conflict agreement it is the outcome of the collective bargaining or term and condition of employment between the employee (union) and employer.
  3. Employee this is a person employed to render its laborpower for monitor compensation ot remuneration.
  4. Employer   it is the one who employs others because of his possession of means of production
  5. Government it an institution of people gathering together to control the affairs of a country.
  6. Grievance is a response to a given solution or environment.
  7. Management it is an act of getting things done through others.
  8. Organization it is an arrangement that form a corporate entity for the purpose of getting things done
  9. Strike it is the temporary cessation of work
  10. Management of conflict in organization effort by employee in the pursuance of a grievance or demand.

    11. Trade union association of person is employment for collective streght in bargaining or in the regulation of employment relation 


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