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The Effect Of Advertisment On Consumer Buying Behaviour

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The  research work in on the verge of discovering the Effect of branding on the sales of consumer goods in nigeria  market, a case study of Eleganza Industry Ltd. The study was developed to understand the rationale for introducing stock taking into the business for the purpose of achieving marketing objectives. The reseacher employed primary method of .gathering data by administering qustionaire to the respondent sampled out of the total population of 20 questionaire were distributed to the repondents to solve problems, data collected were analysed effectively and the analysis of the data showas that stock taking is very important to any business organization for the purpose of improving their level of sales and profits


Table of Contents

Title page


Acknowlegement                                                                                                        Abstact



1.1 Background of the study

1.2 Statement of problem of the study

1.3 Objectives of the study

1.4 Significance of the study

1.5 Scope of the study

1.6 Limitations and constraints to study

1.7 Definition of terms


2.0 Literature review

2.1 Introduction

2.2 Concept of brading

2.3 Philosophy of branding

2.4 Characteristics of a good branding

2.5 Conditions for brandings

2.6 Classification of branding in an organization

2.7 Branding policies and strategies

2.8 Branding functions and importance

2.9 Branding and technology

2.10 Criterta for designing new brand

2.11 Public and branding decision

2.12 Consumer goods and consumer attitude

2.13 Functions of labelling to branding

2.14 Relationship between branding and consumer goods

2.15 Consumers reaction of branding


3.0 Research methodology

3.1 Research design

3.2 Method of data collection

3.3 Description of research instrument

3.4 Research population and sample selection

3.5 Measured of reliability of the research instrument used

3.6 Method of data analysis                                                                                        


4.0 Data presentation and analysis

4.1 Brief history of case study

4.2 Data presentation and analysis

4.3 Discussion of findings


5.0 Summary, conclusions and recommendations

5.1 Summary of findings

5.2 Conclusion of the study

5.3 Recommendations of the study





Marketing strategy should be concerned with the responsility of pursuing customer oriented develop product and services which statisfy customer needs and wants in the most effecitve manners.


In developing marketing strategy for indidviual product, the seller has to comfront the branding decision. Branding is a major issue in product Strategy in attempting to establish branding to be made whether the firms should brand is product or not? When an organization product are homogeneous and similar to competitors Product and their physical characteristics


In the past, most product went unbranded producers and middlemen sold their goods out of barrels, bins and cases, without any supplier indentification, buyer would have to depend on the seller intergrity; the effort of medicine guides to require carfts people to protect themselve and consumers against interior quality brandding real growth of occured after the civil war with the growth of national firms and national advertising media .


Today, branding is such a strong force that hardly anything goes unbranded, branding create  confidence in a firms product and this encourage them  to make a repeat purchase and eventually develop brand loyalty./ a well established brands has considereable promotional value.


One of the problem is the gathering information of the right kind and there is often market information of the wrong kind.

The question of time spent upon research are needed to keep up to date place a continual stain upon the acceptance and use of marketing information to be use recommendation must be in corporate quickly with skill and accuracy.


What is the specific infomation used by the case study in generating sales. the problem of branding on the sale of consumer goods is sometime suppresed by surbodinate on the believe that it will reflect unfavourably about their performance which can also caused by marketing executive. What is the  impact of this information on the company  customers.


This project work is being carried out to know the effect of branding on the sales of consumer goods in Eleganza industries limited ikeja; lagos, which has been chosen as the case study.

Other objective of this reaserch can be summarized as follows.

  1. To examine the various branding policies of Eleganza industries
  2. To examine the various branding used to reach it target market.

iii.  To examine the effect of branding in the sale of goods

  1. To examine the various branding problem in the company and the possible solution to the problem


This study will serve as a beneficiary to both sellers and buyers on the importance of branding.

The manufacturer will be able to indentify his promotional and appropriate branding stategy . while consumer  will speed up shopping effort if branding is attractive the competitor will be  prevented when there is identification. This study is also important when improving the company image for this can be clearly seen by the rate of  acceptance of two product marketed under the same name. It willl also assits other student who would like to carry out similar research in future.


This study cover several areas of the company adminstration and all the basic things needed to known about the branding policy so that a layman can easily understand all the characteristic associated with branding of particular products.

It focuses on the importance and objective of branding in  a economic and the critical used for designing new brands for an in depth study. The research work was limited to Eleganza Limited industries ikeja Lagos.


This study was constrained by the difficult of obtaining secondary data. The offical were skeptical about giving out certain information prepared by the command used any as touching some figures. A lot of time was any spent and energy expended in moving from one table to other obtains approval .

Nobody seemed to want to be held responsibe becuase according to them this information is classified information. Another limitation is the validity of the result of this study becuase the data collected and used might have been affected by human elements as the correctness and genuine of the data. Other limitations are follows:

  1. Time factor: due to limitated time available for his study few respondents were selected and there was no time to carryout through reseached
  2. Finance: the cost implication of covering a large of  respondent coupled with money require to finance the project from incepting through the completion stage and risk of trivally from offa to lagos where the questionnaire were admonshed to collect infomration from the reference company  i.e Eleganza limited oregun, ikaja lagos state.


This is the explanation of some technical terms used in the projects.

  1. Product line: this is a group of product that are closely related either because they satisfy a class of needs, they use together Sold  the same customer growth marketed through the same market  outlet or falls within the same price range.
  2. Packaging: this is the packaging of goods by manufacturer into brother bin boxes cellophone etcetera before they are bought out for sales
  3. brand loyalty: this is the repair class of an preference toward brand
  4. Market share: is said to be proportion of center market that a compnay is competition companies that are producing the same product
  5. Competitors: this refers to common or general name given to various forms that is producing similar or existing goods.
  6. Marketing segmentation: this is the process of dividing the total heterogeneous market for a product or service into several sub markets or segment each of which tend to be similar in all significant aspect with the ultimate aim to satisfy consumer needs and realization of company objectives.
  7. Logos; this is the distintive way in which a brand name is written.

Franchising: this is the practice where by a company permits it name, logo, cultural design and operation to be used in establishing a new firms or store.SEE >> HOW TO DOWNLOAD THE COMPLETE PROJECT (CHAPTER 1-5) NOW

Effect Of Branding On The Sales Of Consumer Goods In Nigeria Market
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