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The Effectiveness Of Labour Turnover On Organizational Productivity



It has  become  more  generally acceptable   that structural arrangement  of resources  in an  organization  is composed of the  human and  materials  resource, this shows that the  management  of an organization is  not complete  without  any one  of the  two form effective  management  however, human resources  that are  under  study, will be  discussed in the  area of labour  turnover in an organization, this is  because  the constant exist of labour  in an  organization may jeopardize , his  operation  and  productivity, in the  light  of this  human resources  management  therefore  needed in an  organization.

Labour turnover is an organization become deteriment to the organization.  It is  not  quickly  taken into consideration, this  is so  special  when the  organization does  not seek for  immediate replacement  of  competent  and  qualified  labour  turnover whenever ignorE  poses a  barrier  to the progress at an organization, however the current  labour  turnover in an organization and industries  especially in Nigeria  is not  brought  about  by the  causes performances  to fall below  expectation.

There   is an distribution in the  planning  and low  moral among  the rank and file  operational officers  with in  the organization.

Labour  turnover especially if it  is that  of  chief executive  officers  is quite  detrimental  to the   concerned  organization  as poor  performance, low  productivity and  fall employment  morale  would  guise , this has an  adverse effect on he  progress of such organization.

Furthermore  productivity itself cannot be  achieved  without  efficient labour , labour  in efficiency in the management  of labour, this itself  has been  as a result  of other variables  such as labour  turnover, absenteeism work stoppage  such as  strike and lockalt, the  dissatisfied workers find  it difficult  to adjust  to rigid  requirement  of the  employed  “fourteen  out of  twenty six  studies found  out that  worker will positive  job attitude  showed  higher  productivity than those will  negative  attitude.

Therefore , this  study is being  understanding  to analyze the various  variables, which could  lead to labour  turnover in an  organization and the effect of such leaving  an  productivity. 


The rate  at which  workers  are living  industries is  became  rampant, the management  also does not bother  to suspend  or  terminate  employee  due to  workers  attitude to work these  indifference  are usually, being  caused by the poor  human resource  management  because of existence  of had  management  and management  relationship.

Poor human resources  management  may manage where the have to motivate  employee (motivation)  is lacking, these  how ever  will lead  to instability to labour  productivity  in Nigeria,  most  employee are such as  good  salary, promotion medical  working  job security  e.t.c are inadequate  or absent  and  absence  of these  usually result  is labour  turnover need to be  aforementioned  facts, labour  turnover need to be redressing  by paying  attention to  workers  needs  because  this will go a  long way to improve  productivity of the workers.


The major  objective  of the  study  is to  analyze the  effect of the  labour  turnover on organization al  productivity  other objective  of this  study  are as  follows:

  •  To identify  the causes and  effect of labour  turnover in an  organization, it is  pertinent  that every workers  that leaves the  organization has no in  other  reasons why they left and this  will actively have  effect on the whole  organization.
  • To analyze the consequence of labour turnover on the  organizational productivity  human  resources  is indispensable  in an  organization, they are  the one  that  will  put  material  resources  together  for desired output.
  • To determine  the effect  of research  system on labour  turnover, this research will  show whether  invitation or reward  has  negative  or  positive  effect of  supervision  on labour  turnover the relationship between the supervision and  workers will be  used as a  major  tool in determine the  effectiveness of the  organization.


This study  is aimed at focusing  on the  effect  of labour  turnover on organizational  productivity  as a  result , the  study will be  important to  production  industries  particularly  (N.N.P.C) Ilorin it  will be  of great  importance  to production industries  particularly those who want to know  to minimize labour  turnover in heir  organization, the  research work will be  useful to other  organization on how to  achieve  best  organizational productivity  and manage  human  resources  manger on how  to be  effective  in his  or her administration,  it will also  save as references to  industrial organization wishing  to improve the labour  productivity and reduce  their labour  turnover  so that the improved productivity of labour will serve as sign of development for the  organizational, also not to lose  serv9ices of  their  valuable  and productive  workers the study could be  useful to all management  students to  these  issues  would  be great benefit.


This study is specially design to critically examine the effectiveness of labour turnover, on organization productivity and the research covered areas conceptual scope, industrial scope, territorial scope, time scope.

Ø  CONCEPTUAL SCOPE: Special impact of this work based on effectively of labour turnover on organization productivity and the source of the work is based on the question are journals textbook e.t.c

Ø  INDUSTRIAL SCOPE: This study will cover(NNPC) and other relate using their raw material.

Ø  TERRITORIAL SCOPE: This study is in Asa dam

Ø  TIME SCOPE: It cover a year and half.


This research suppose to cover all the activities involve in(NNPC, Ilorin) but for purpose of this work, the research will limit their study on those aspect due to uncontrollable element and non-response of respondent among the problems was non-compliance of the protocols to the followed before some piece of information were rested.

Lack of finance is one of the major problem faced by the researcher also, research equipment is another problem that we encountered which contribute towards the limitation of method wed. And also the highest project is also another financial constraint encountered by the researcher.

Again time has been one of the major constraint in writing this project because being a final student a lot of lot of academic works and activitions have to be combined and carried along with the project work.

Finally, there is also inadequacy of textbook in the school library where the data could be collected, and most of the information available are out dated and does not confirm, with the present situation of the economy.


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