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Strategic Marketing Planning As An Essential Tool For Organizational Growth

The Establishment of different organizational within different products increases the rate of competition and new development in production process has brought new strategies that will serve as a guide platform for the development of the organizational and survival of the organizational both in the short and long run.


Title page




Table of Contents


1.1 Background to the Study

1.2 Statement of Problems of the Study

1.3 Aims and Objectives of the Study

1.4 Significance of the Study

1.5 Scope of the Study

1.6 Limitation and Constraints of the Study

1.7 Definition of Terms

1.7 Briefly History of Case Study


2.0    Literature Review

2.1    Introduction

2.2    Strategic Marketing Planning

2.3    Elements of Strategic Marketing Planning

2.4    The Essential Aspects Strategic Marketing Planning

2.5    Roles of Strategic Marketing planning an Organization

2.6    Benefits of Strategic Marketing Planning

2.7    Limitations of Strategic Marketing Planning

2.8    Strategic Marketing Planning as an Essential tool for Organizational Growth


3.1    Research Methodology

3.2    Sources of Data

3.3    Research Instruments Employed

3.4    Research Population and Sample Size

3.5    Sampling Procedure Employed

3.6    Method of Data Analysis


4.1    Data Presentation

4.2    Data Analysis

4.3    Test of Hypothesis


5.1    Summary of Report

5.1    Conclusion

4.3    Recommendation

5.3    Recommendations





There must exist with organizational effective plan.  Which will effectively and efficiently ensure steady growth and development of the organizational especially in the face of depressed economy in a country like Nigeria.  The role of strategic marketing planning as an essential tool for organizational growth can not be over emphasized as it help to define the long term policy of the organizational.

Strategic marketing planning is concerned mainly with the long term planning and related matters such as decision making and formulating organizational objectives. Strategic marketing planning means finding alternative opportunities and developing profitable marketing strategies specifics a target market ad related marketing mix.  Strategic marketing planning is a process of developing and maintaining strategic plans between the goals of the organizational and capacities and it changing marketing opportunities.

It relies on developing a clear organizational objectives strategies marketing planning as a way of life  will be suitable and practicable in addressing the needs of the organizational presently and in the nearest future. Hence the organizational management will be saddled with the responsibility of seeing their plan work effectively as expected.

In conclusion the function of management is to be more concerned with what is going on outside the management than what is happening internally

Its marketing activities will be mainly conducted across the boundaries of managers of all kinds not only marketing strategies.

The research problem of this study is the whether strategic marketing planning is an essential tool for organizational growth in the alternatives strategic planning may not be essential tool for organizational growth.  In the alternatives strategic planning may not be Essential tool for organizational growth.  These two hypothesis must not be considered to known which of the two is vital and realistic.

Strategic marketing planning is big picture of what of firm will do in some marketing which needs two inter-related parts which are target market and marketing mix.

Target market is failure homogenous group of customers to whom an organizational wishes to appeal.

Marketing mix are the controllable variable the organizational put together to satisfy the needs of their target group

i.Strategic marketing Planning can increase sales volumes.

ii.An ineffective strategic marketing planning makes meaningless.

iii.Marketing plan is a guide to implantation and control.

Strategic marketing planning as an essential tool for an organizational growth, aims at arriving at a dependable and logical conclusion both in an economy (private, public) and government parastatals in the following ways?

  1. It tends to bring customer relation in order to achieve a common goal which is established for.
  2. It increases the growth and sales volume of an organization thereby determining the profit margin or turnover.
  3. It enables an organization to evaluate their performance by analyzing what we called (SWOT) analysis i.e strength, weaknesses, opportunity and threat, the area of strength will be maintained and controlled to operate in the market (monopolistic).  Conversely, weaknesses will be given greater attention to in that , if this is not properly highlighted, the organization will barely  break even.
  4. It assures the future of the organization either they are making profit.
  5. It also aimed at examine the ways and methods of identifying the customer needs and wants in the target market.

However, strategic marketing planning as an essential tool for an organizational growth cannot be over – emphasized.  When one came to look at its dominant role it play in an organization and economy at large. If marketing planning which is to be carried out by the marketing practitioners are not strategically identifies, the company will be liable to face liquidation (it determines the success and the exist of the organization).

The research work is carried out in order to ascertain the impact of strategic marketing planning as adopted by many organizations particularly Nigeria Bottling Company, Ilorin Branch to what extent is it important of the aspect of the company?

The upsurge however has forced most organizations to abandon the former strategic marketing plan adopted for another newly developed strategic marketing plan which they believe will satisfy the needs of the consumers at profit for the organization.

Effort will also be made in the section to look into the problems encountered in the adopting of different strategic marketing planning in Nigeria Bottling Company.

1.5SCOPE OF THE STUDYThe research work will take a careful look at all the level in Nigeria Bottling Company.  But for the purpose of clarity, the scope of the study will be limited to Nigeria Bottling Company Ilorin branch which covers the period of the years (1975 – 2005).

1.6   LIMITATION AND CONSTRAINTS OF THE STUDYEvery research study must be limited by some factors and this research is of no Exemption some of the problems that may be encountered in this research work are:-

1.) Non –availability of relevant data from the organization.

2.) Inadequate information given by respondents to the researchers through questionnaire.

3.)The researchers have tight schedules for lecturer and assignment could with the demand for project writing.

Nevertheless the factors do not make the research work irrelevant or invalid the questionnaire will be clear so as to make respondents, see clearly and given relevant and sensible responses and answers.

However, the limitation of this study did not in anyway invalidate the work.  The research uses some of the officers to get the needed information for the investigation.

Another problem encountered was that of getting respondents answering question because they are always busy doing one thing or the other.  More also after visiting the company, some relevant information to the study were acquires through staff in the marketing personnel, production and customer service managers in the organizational as well as customer patronizing the organizations.

The following terms and concept are defined as they are used in this study.

MARKETING: It is a management function which organize converting customer purchasing power into effective demand for a specific product or service and moving the product or service to the final consumer or user so as to achieve the organizational goals.

This refers to the act of forecasting future circumstance and requirement and selecting of objectives with the polices, programmes and procedure to be followed in order to achieve the stated objectives.

It is an association of individual who agreed to Jointly, pool their capital together in order to establish, and own a business venture district from their owners.

Is a process of developing  and maintaining strategic plans between the goals of the organization and the capacities and its changing marketing opportunities..

MARKETING MIX:- The controllable variable the company puts together to satisfy the needs of their target group.

TARGET MARKET:- Is a fairly homogenous group of customers to whom an organizational wishes to appeal.


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