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Role Of Marketing Mix In The Survival Of A Business Organization

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Genrally, the society believed that marketing activiteis start fromwhen the product is made however, marketing is an all encommpassing scheme, which statrt from when thge product is conceived to when such product is distrinuted to the consumer marketing has a dsipline statrts from when a partcular producer begins to think about the quality of the product begin to thinks about the  consumer  taste) the packaging material that would be suitable and attractive for such  product of the consumer al these facts stsred above can only be derived throught marketing reserach. This reserach is feels like producing such as producer would be taking a big aspect of business formation and growth it even determines the survival of a compnay or an establishment

Marketing mix is the mixing together of marketing variables. Product price, promotion and place in the rightpropoprtion that will enable marketing produced to be carried out ina sucessfuul manner at any time. Marketing mix focuses on what to produce in terms of gods and services what prices to fix for changes as well as factor that is necessary to  considered when chioosing the location of a business or organization and laos the distribution channel tha  could be used to get the product to the consumer.

Marketing mix in clude the proportional mix <techniques> which a form should be engaged in order to get the product properrly inroduct into market  it slao invloves the different techniques that could be adopted in marketing

Marketing mix therefore is an aspect of marketing that tends to show and anlyse the interrelation between the product and the cionsumer we can only market what we would have loved to produce. A careful analysis for the want loved to produce. A careful anlysisi of the want of different individual of their expectation before a firm can statry any production it has to analysed. Selected, and manufature only product that posoes as many as possibe of the characteristics derived by those who make up the market.

This menas that a manufacturere must sure of the trget market for his product before he starts production. Any attempt by a producer to over look the pint carefully highlight earlier on might lead to total failure of the this stating business invloves a carful analysis of marketing mix so that the producer will be abe to know what to produce? How to produce where to produce? Who to produce in order to create awareness fore the production in the market.

Marketing mix is not only relevent to the commencement of a business it also determine its continuious survival, that is it must contually be revealed at all stages of the product life cycles for business very welll, havig taking consideration the marketing mix, along the time taste for a particular product or services changes with time, what seems to be best to may be manufacturer to continuosly reveral who the consumer people that < product ) how they want such a product services, when they want such a product service, when they want it and what price they are ready to buy such  product. The firm at all times must not disrergerd the existance of  this competitors who are have the tendered of markeeting their own product better to the publicc for a business to thrive well and survved marjketing mix is a time  nercesity that must be considered and used effecxtively


The name “ coca-cola” was a pharmacist;’s name by john bottoms the was born in alnata georgia United State of America in the year 18833 the ideal of Coca Coke was born in  1866 anf he died in 1888 immediately after his death mr. Asa condler took the business in the same years Mr frank Robinson selected the coca-cola trade mark and ome other advertising materila which are stillin use till today. The standard size 20cl bottle was designed and produced in 1915 million dollar

In 1923,robber wood ruff took the business, present there are numerous bottling plants is united state of america while more thab thirty-five percentage plant are spread all over the west african

Coca-cola first name into inception in inigeria 52years ago, nigeria bottling company set up its first plan in Lagos it is today nigeria number one bottle of soft drink selling more than eight million bottle per day.

A figure which is still growing with the continuing expansion of tr opening of an new brtanches and mini- rqanches in various parts of the country in 1988, a new dimension was added to the bottling of coke PET plastic, cole fanta and sprite was introduced into the market

The Nigeia Bottling Company produced other  six brands of fanta, which is the fasttest otgani, sprite is solid in cemolime segementation other is tonic, fanta, ginger and crest bitter lemon two success of coca-cola brought with iit the development of a number of sister industriews all contributing to the economy  grow of country (NIGERIA)

There is the delts glass company in uqhilli which supplies the million of empty bottlie used ot production in the company the crown cork of the compnay used the benin plastic create for carrying the bottles.

In addion the truck which supply more than 700,000 dealers are also aseembled in nigereia. The company is also the largew manfacturer of CO2 (carbondioxide) used to carbonate the soft drinks the company employes more than 25,00  nih=gerian in allfierld of operation.


Marketing cencern it self with satisfying its cuystomer at  points these activities are therefore carried out with the aid of ssatisfying customer

Marketing variables are product, price promotion and place physical evidence with people processing this project it self to llok into product mangement is eswstial iin marketing mix in order to ensure that a product matuhes the want and needed of consumer the job of mangement product is to meerr the market neede and wants.

Many market faiulure can be traced toi enability to maange the product effectivielt in addtionstartegy being eadaopted by diffeerent comapnies at every stage of  product life cyccle iis very important tuthermore, at every inductory stage, a lot of advertising and camparing startegies have to be adopted by the compnay to create aareness for the product in the local and international market. If such product is not propertly intorduces or address iot might die pamaturelt- thgese are some of the issue tat business are  falling to adress hence the failure


The principal marketing of this study is to test the reability of marketing role in the surrvoval of every buisness organization linwe study is also aim eecry business poth the writer and  the reader knowledge on the role of marketying mix in the survival of business organization also during the  study. It will make us to understand more about the effrectiveness of the study of marketing mix in the survival of busiess organization

Since it is resoonsibility of every oraganswation to work clsoer to the marketing mixx so as to enhance a good productivity from the use of marketing mix the variable are:-

  1. Product
  2. Price
  3. Promotion
  4. Place
  5. Processing
  6. Packaging
  7. People.

These are the variable to work on


Generally the socity behaves that significe of a study means imprtance of the study. However, this aspect is trying to measure the aian/benefits to be dervied from the study especially as it concern consumer there attention should be given to reasrech question and hypothesis.

Research must be able to provide answer oreserach question in this case, the significane of item of marketing mix in every organization  can survive maketing mix have to eyeys on as the activities of thie firm will be effectives and to produce a very good quality in whatevcer they are doing in their organization


The scope of a sample reseracher study defined i =n terms of sdample varable time,subject mastter variable matching location.

The scope of this ddeals with the tooosl tthat is variables , product, price and promotion when show the way the nigeria softing compnay meet the stated variable.


In the source of carrying ourt this reseracher that made it impossible and infomration ion the topic from some bottling company that could be out guide and help this study with all these problwems by god’s grace we were able to get some necessaary document that related to the projecvt with a;lthat co-operation of the staff and mangwer of nigeria bottling compnay plc we were able to lay hand on text book that was imensely helpful in carrytout tyhis reerach project.


Marketing mix is a system which use formalized procedures to prived management it all levels in all function with apporate and volovant infomration nbased on data obtained from both internal and external siources to assit them to make timely arid affective decision.

The information system concept i s rapid eveluation of computer technology is expanding man’s desire to obtain computer asistance in solving more and move complext problem.information managemtn has creating maintaininigtriving and making inmediately availbale the right infomration, in the right place, at the right time, in hamds of the right people at me lowest cost, in the best media, for use ofd secision making.


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