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Problem Of Local Government Authonomy

Local government is ordely acknowledged as a viable instrument for rural transformation in  the delivery of social service to the people .A government that is bring founded by reprentation [of a local and tradictional people of an area that could be a channel of changing the social economic and cultural lives of people to a higher level of organigation.


  • general introduction
  1. 1.1Introduction
  1. 1.2 Statement of problem
  1. 1.3 Objective of the study
  1. 1.4 Importance/significance of the study
  1. 1.5 Scope of the study
  1. 1.6 Organization of the study
  1. 1.7 Definition of term of reference


literature review

2.1 definition of the concept

2.2 theoretical frame work

2.3 current trends in thinking

2.4 summary of the chapter reference


reseach methodology

3.1 introduction

3.2 sample and population of the study

3.3 source of data/data collection instruments

3.4 method of data analtsis

3.5 research problem


data presentation

4.1 introduction

4.2 brief history of the case study

4.3 presentation of the study

4.4 analysis of data

4.5 testing of hypothesis

4.6 summary of the chapter reference


summary, recommendation and conclusion

5.1 summary of findings.

5.2 conclusion

5.3 recommendation




Funks and wagrau define loacl government as an independent government in the local affairs by the political entity of a limited region the federal government of nigerai in the 1976 guidelines for local government refoerm local government as

  1. Local government is a government of grass root level
  2. Local government constitute the third level or tier of political after federal and state level.
  3. Local government is a legally created to see welfare of the people at the grassroots.

The transformation syndrome could be the changing from one stage to another of the “development”

A researchers view that “development” or transformation must emphasis not only economoic growth but adequate and meaningful improvement in the social line of the people. There must be a serious reduction in the level of poverty.

Reduction therefore from the above description development could briefly describe as the totalo positive as the total positive change in the quality and span of life of an individual or group of person within a system

Hence a well developed town local government or a state ought to have the following characteristics

  1. 1    Provision of employment for all eligible candidate
  1. 2  Absence of inequality in the scheme of things
  • 3.  Absence of political disunity
  • 4. Provision of social and essential amenties i.e food, shelter,hiospital,education,electricity ,pipe borne water, adequate security,good read,easy means of communication,recreation centre and boosting of agricultural products.

Ladipo Adamolekun in his “public administration” a nigeria and comparative perspective note that the intention of the 1976 reform were in details by both the constitutional drafting committee and the presidential constitution which come in force in october 1979 and its contain fairly detailed provision relation to it for discharging social service and entrance grassroot develop in the area of educat6ion health and road among others .


Despite that local government is that of government body which is very close to local level, they also face many problem in course of carrying out the function and duties to the people obviously apart from that loacl goivernment is public organization which are know to face many problems within outside the organization either private or public as well as local government.

However, while dealing with the local government one cannot ignore the problem and challenge with which the governments are facing firstly, local government being small may not be able to attract competenmt and efficient person to perform the service they render to the public since the area of jurisdiction and their capacity pay is limited by their limited resources they find it difficult to hire specialist, this will naturally affect their efficiency.

Moreover, those are are also under-interference from the federal or state government.this often hinder or disturbs the smott and efficiency management of local government. However, had it been that autonomy have been given to local government to operate on their own.

These particular problem militury against the effective running of local government is that some local government are very poor in finacing their operation.this is that we classified as financial construct, also hinder the progress of local government at the grassroots

Although, rate and taxes are usually collected from citizen the amount is often eligible in evry poor local government or where incidence of difficult rumpart, despite that local government collection in the area, the problem of poor machinery and poor corrupt measure of the fuilure of local government in other to deliver to to task of the people. This is also victimization of the minor party by the majority part in appointment, promotion, job vacancy,transfer and distribution of port folio


The purpose of objectives of the study research works is to look at the agent of the local government for transformation of the local government at all level. Most especially in ilorin east local government area of kwara state. Better still the purpose or objectives  of the study also took forward in possible means to erudicate poverty and put stop and also present the problem usually encounter by local government as third tiers of government at all level in the future. Similarly the purpose of the study also look this way is which all problem of local government could be stopped in order for smoth running of the organization.


The signiance of the is to know the duty role of present problem of local government autonomy in relevant to the area “Ilorin east local government area of kwara state”

Furthermore to find a reasonable recommedation and conclusion to the case study chosen ( ilorin east local government kwara state)


Nthis particular works covered some of the aspect and activities of the case study which is ilorin east local government area as well as topic of this works (local government as an agent of transformation)

Among this aspect that, was used to cover are the case study historical background etc also research of the work is unable to get the actual amoth that the local government generates at the end of each month and also i was unable to get the level at which the local government time and function as well however, this project work concerned both the ilorin east local government area because of their close ethial social and religion affinity.

Moreover, ilorin east local government area equal importance either political and is encumber by number of time.


The organization of the project was arranged as followed in study paragraph chapter one overs the introduction of the study statement of the problem, the purpose of objectives of the study the study the significant of the study, scope and limitation of the study the organiozation of the study defintion of terms and finally citation of references.

Moreover, the chapter two of the scope of the research work deals with literature review which is what is local government w3ith aims of treating work of various author in the related subject chapter three as well has covered research methodology, on the case study chosen which chapter four daels with data presentation and analysis under which the system of loxcal; government and finally chapter focus on summary recommendations, conclusion and bibliography.


A local government is recognized though its functions and in making of the local populace in culture, political and economic transformation of the people within standard of living.

local government: the jurisdiction of a local government is limited to a specific area, a village or city and its function related to the provision of civil amentiess to the population, living in that area.

babola in his book titled ’principle of democracy government and citizenship education’ describe local government as a local democracy government as the grass roots a way of it bringing the government near to the people. he further postulated local government as a breakdown of country into a smaller unit for the purpose of administration in which inhabitant of the different that is locally concerned pay a direct and full part through their elected representative who exercise power or undertaken function under the control or state government.

thus, john j.clark maintain that a local government appear to be that part of the government of a nation or state which deals with such matter concern the inhabitant of particular or place.

however, local self government is the government of a specified locally by the local people speaking in simple language, it may be said that a specified local area (village, town city).



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