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Problem Associated With The Management Of Low Income Residential Housing Estate

Housing has been universally accepted as one of the basic needs of every individual, family and the community at large. It is a matter of fact more than mere shelter as it cuts across all the social services and utilities that makes a community a conducive environment.

Title page

1.0 Introduction
1.1 Statement of problem
1.2 Aim and Objectives
1.3 Significance of the study
1.4 Scope of the study
1.5 Limitation of the study
1.6 Study area
1.7 Location plan
1.8 Definition of terms

2.0 Literature Review
2.1 Concept of property management
2.2 Property management functions
2.3 Basic management functions
2.4 Management policies and administration of the estate
2.5 Objectives of low cost housing estate
2.6 Housing facilities within the estate
2.7 Strategies for effective management challenges or problem of management
2.8 Challenges of Property Management

3.0 Research Methodology
3.1 The research design
3.2 Data presentation analysis
3.3 Instrumentation for data collection
3.4 Method of data analyses

4.0 Brief History of the case study
4.1 Evaluation of the case study
4.2 Data interpretation and analysis of result
4.3 Survey and presentation of data
4.4 Data analysis

5.0 Summary, Conclusion and Recommendation
5.1 Summary
5.2 Conclusion
5.3 Recommendations


Housing has been universally accepted as one of the basic needs of every individual, family and the community at large. It is a matter of fact more than mere shelter as it cuts across all the social services and utilities that makes a community a conducive environment.

Problems of housing are not restricted to quantity of the available units. Most of the housing estates are now in more deplorable conditions with poor and inadequate facilities and services. While many building structures are obsolete waiting for renewal others are weakened rapidly depreciated due to lack of repairs. The maintenance culture has been noted poor and inadequate this resulting in a continual loss of their usefulness and value.

The provision of housing estate is one thing the management of the unit to another. It is unfortunate to note that a lot of problems have been identified with the management of low income residential housing estate that requires prompt and urgent solutions.

Also, the provisions which were made to ease the weight of the accommodation problems in the urban areas have now ended up as a heavier burden on the inhabitants of the estate: poor management and ineffective implementation of policies are identified in the study as major constraints.

The process of management procedure are usually neglected equally, the authority charged with the responsibilities of ensuring that the housing estates exist to achieve their stated objectives are sometimes over –strained with the burdens of management therefore a lot are left undone. The functions letting, rent collection, repairs and social welfare that are meant to bring housing authorities and the occupiers into association are not consistently efficient.

This study has tried to dwell much on the need for adequate supervision and efficient management procedure necessary to achieve an optimum result. It also examines the deplorable conditions of the features constituting housing units and suggest possible solutions and recommendations towards a standardized and decent housing environment, in our housing estates especially those for the low income earners.

According to Dakhil (1978) proper housing is an important need for every human being. The proper utilization of his resources and economic well being greatly depend on the type of accommodation he has been provided with. However, a man’s income can justify his accommodation and if this is low he has to be happy with a low cost house.

Management of housing estate goes beyond examining physical condition of the property only but basically how function does all the facilities put in place is. The estate is now in more deplorable and bad condition of management due to lack of repairs and maintenance of the estate which resulted to loss in usefulness and value of the estate.
The aim of the study is to examine the problems associated with the management of low income residential housing estate.
To achieve this, the following objectives are to be adopted.
i. To examine the types of residential properties in the case study.
ii. To identify the type of facilities in the study area.
iii.To identify the management strategies and procedure of the case study.
iv.To examine the existing management policies in the case study.
v. To identify the management problem in the case study.
vi.To provide possible solution to the identified problems.


The research work has looks into the already existing problems of management and poor implementation of policies that have continually prevented the smooth running and administration of the estate. It also provides the way out of these problems and present possible ways of attaining high level of efficiency in the course of management prominent in the study is the impact of proper maintenance culture in the area.


The study focuses on the management procedures and strategies that are to be employed in the management of low income housing estate with a particular reference to Olofa housing estate.


This dissertation or research work is limited on a residential housing estate basically on Olofa housing estate at Offa Kwara State. And it is meant to examine relevant problems associated with management of residential housing estate.

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