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Planning As A Management Function In An Organization

This project centers on organization with principal attention to planning for the attainment of organization goals. The management of an organization is carried out through the action of several people who designed and maintained and environment in which individual working together in groups can accomplish presented missions and objective.

Management is a process by which organization objectives are achieved through coordinated human effort. It can be defined as the carrying out of operation designed to accomplish aims and effectiveness of polities which of course are determined by the management. Personnel management that is concerned with the maintenance of human relationship they give maximum contribution to the effective and efficient working of the organization.

Table of contents

title page




chapter one

1.0 general introduction .

1.1 back ground of the study .

1.2 statement ot the problem.

1.3 scope and limitation of the study

1.4 significance of the study.

1.5 obligation of the study .

1.6 chapterization.

chapter two

2.0  literature review

2.1  introduction .

2.2  types of planning .

2.3  steps of planning .

2.4 importance of review plan

2.5  steps in planning adopted from international tobacco company ( itc) booklet .

chapter three

reseach methodology.

3.1 introduction.

3.2 methods of data collection

3.3 data collection analysis

3.4 random sampling .

chapter four

data analysis and presentation

4.1 presentation and analysis of data.

chapter five

5.1 summary

5.2 conclusion

5.3 recommendations


 CHAPTER ONE         




This study intends to ascertain the importance and impacts of planning as a managed function of an organization. It has been detected that most management fails. This in the long run affects the organization difficult for researchers to determine the level of managerial planning function.

In recent years the function of planning for the organization are majorly carried out by the board of directors of the organization instead of the management of the organization. These factors are problems of research work.



  1. Does your company engaged in planning
  2. When planning for future, does your company incorporate variable like uncertainly ?
  3. Does your company engaged in supervision of the planned object after implementation?
  4. Does your company usually appraise it well planned object after implementation ?
  5. How long does planning take in your company ?
  6. What level of management is responsible for the planning \
  7. When is planning carried out ?
  8. What does your company do when there is an adverse variance after result ?
  9. What is the composition of the special committee earlier refered to ?

10.Comment on the planning function as practiced in your company and use of theories ?



The aimed issues in the study center on how planning grips in achieving the organizational objectives. The basic aims and objectives of the study include:

1.To determine what plannings are available to the organization in order to obtain the greatest capacity of worker.

2.To identify the effect of planning as a management function organized objectives.

3.To examine the model and manners in which planning is being applied in international Tobacco company and how function they are using planning achieving and to increase their organizational goals.

4.To determine what consideration and organization bears in mind when designing tools In achieving managerial decision.

5.To identify and discuss the effect of planning techniques on corporate objective and also expose the rationale behind planning techniques vis-à-vis corporate objective.



The hypotheses to be testesd in relation to the research topic are:

HO: there is no significance planning management function in an organization .

Hi: there is no significance planning management function in an organization.



Planning helps the organization to anticipate and provides for inevitable changed in a meaningful and effective way. Further are very vital to a well accumulated plan. Even there are data and information, there is always the problem of trained personnel to perform this function of collection and analyzing of data in the administration of international Tobacco company (ITC).



Planning as managerial function and it is referred to as the most basic of all the managerial function and. It involves selecting from alternative future course (5) of action.


Broadly speaking, the success of any government depends largely on the efficient planning, it is an essential and vital instrument for management operation.

Planning leads to change and adaptation in the socio-economic situation of international Tobacco company which involves institututional and structural change . it reduction dependence on agriculture for the sake of industrialization involves some socio-economic transformation which cannot be brought by work forces.

Another importance of planning is that it accelerates the rate of growth of the companys (ITC) national income, per capital income, employment opportunities and improve standard of the people than which would take place without any conscious efforts it would be a greater measure of central over the national economy and reduce foreign sector and ensure indigenous control .


Planning also ensures a better and more national allocation of resources and a more equitable distribution of income then would be obtained thorough market forces planning ties to avoid international monopolist, some investment require   image investment and need government participation in the public interest of the public. Planning is essential in that, it focuses squarely on the purpose and objective of the organization. It encourages the management to see, evaluate and accept or discard a greater number of alternative course of action that might otherwise be considered.

Planning provides a frame work for decision making through out the entire organization and trend to prevent piecel meal decision (5) likely to have a negative result.


Planning also test the value judgement of the managers at all level and often lend to better decision being made, because planning depends on a regular flow of information from both outside and within the organization lead to group of a multi-directional channel of communication that can contained in the plan in conjunction with the commitment as to how, when and by whom such objective will be attained, provide the general in organization performance.


PLANNING : planning refers to the preparation of directional blue prints for the entire of economy and or direct provision for their implementation

MANAGEMENT : is the process of designing and marketing an environment in which individual people working together in group to accomplish the organizational objective in most efficient manner.

ORGANIZATION: Is the process of grouping activities delineating lines of authority and responsibility and establishing any other relationships necessary to carry out operation of a business efficiently.



This project consists of fire  chapters, which dealt entensively with topic in chapter one, the following sub-topics were discussed like introduction, background of study, statement of the problem, scope and limitations, objectives of the study and plan of the study.

Chapter two manly deals with literature review which include types,steps and importance of planning in an organization .

Chapter three expatiates on the various ways data analysis and collection for the research work.

Chapter five deals with summary, conclusion, recommendations.


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