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Personal Selling As An Effective Promotional Tools In Marketing Industrial Product

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This project work on the based on personal selling as an effective promotion tools in the marketing of industrial products with special reference to Doyin Investment. The personal selling as an effective promotional tool on the marketing or industrial product is important because their sales and it even make them have interaction between the consumer directly without any intermediary between them. On the other way, personal selling help the organization to increase their selling to reduce cost, instead using any distribution to sell their product directly to the consumer.


Title page





Table of contents

CHAPTER ONE: Background of the study

1.0  Introduction

1.1 Objectives of the study

1.2 Significant of the study

1.3 Scope and limitation of the study

1.4 Historical background of the case study

1.5 Organization Chart of Doyin Investment

1.6 Definition of terms


2.0 Literature Review

2.1 Definition of Product

2.2 Definition of Marketing

2.3 Market Meaning of Market

2.4 Promotion Mix


3.0 Introduction

3.1 Descriptive Research

3.2 Method of Data Collection

3.3 Researcher Population and Sample Size


Presentation and Analysis of Data

4.0 Introduction

4.1 Data Presentation

4.2 Data Analysis Interpretation

4.3 Data Analysis


5.0 Introduction

5.1 Summary of findings

5.2 Conclusion

5.3 Recommendation





The economic situation of this country has given the opportunity innumerable challenges to marketers. It demands of them the exposure of their ingenuity it has also giving them the opportunity to demonstrate practically the profession, marketing of this station has this to say ‘A’ total system of interacting business activities design to plan price promote and distribute want satisfying product marketing. The industrial product sector face this challenges most for it is an accepted fact that industrial product especially the consumer product it is also indisputable that promotion and publicity play an important role in the industrial promotion mix but personal selling services as the main selling tool.

From this point of view one can say that the success level of an industrial market. Marketer depend largely on how effective his personal selling efforts personal selling is an oral presentation of idea about a product or services from which they derive max satisfaction.


The objective and aims of the study is to evaluate the personal selling as a promotion in the marketing of industrial products to he used in growing industries in selling of goods and Services or in rendering to the customers. It’s also to certain the preference for the method of sales despite the huge spending.

Secondly, the study intends to show the relevance or importance of personal selling in the present Nigeria economy as regards the rendering of service or goods to customers, which based on detergent soaps, cosmetics and pharmaceutical goods or products.

Also to find out the benefits they might derive from engaging in promotion and to be able to put them into best use.

Furthermore, it’s intends to find and develop new customers and communicate information about the company’s product. To carry out market research and intelligence work and fill out sale call report in order to identify the problem in using personal selling.

To analyze the suitability and effectiveness marketing communication for different categories of products, it is also benefit to growing industry. The study also intends to include that personal selling is an effective marketing, communication tools.


Personal selling is very important and significant in marketing industries of Global Soap and Detergent. This kind of industry cannot do without it because it has helped in building buyer preference conviction and action

There are many beliefs in personal selling that it is not necessary but merely increasing the cost of per unit of the product or services. Emulates with increase in sales that change on customer attitude toward the product is due to factor like trial of advertising and sales promotion and stimulating interest in product, there are many circumstances where personal selling contact is necessary to affect sales. The important of the study is generally to identify the extent to which personal selling is products can influence the purchasing decision alternate industrial user and hence increase sales.

Also in the course of study efforts will be made to examine the worth of owing.

  • Knowing the reason why personal is suitable for growing industrials.
  • Whether personal selling is effective in terms of change in consumer attitude and behaviour increase in sales.
  • For growing industrial is the best way to use personal selling in the sense that the sales people provide science to consumer carry out market research.
  • Relative importance of personal selling composed to other promotional tool in industries.


The study is designed Lo research into the industries that specialize in producing detergent, soaps cosmetic and pharmaceutical products using Doyin investment as a case study. This is to show how the personal selling has helped them to achieve objective and goals. The study is intended to show the effects of personal selling as the major promo-tool to carry out their product distribution activities.

This constitution of the scope of the study including the statement of problem, that is how the use of personal selling out of other promo-tool mix used by industrial product distributors be justify the cost against other promotional mix such as advertising and publicity.

It needs to be promoted out at this stage that despite the great interest of the researcher in the topic, the research work could not be regarded being really perfect. This non-perfection could be attributed to such short comings as:

One of the important factors that may limit the study is that research will he based on one manufacturing company as against all the whole manufacturing companies and this does not give room for comparison therefore generation of the findings in this research might not be the true representative of the entity. Lastly in other to reach a relevant and conclusion data have to be made available for analysis.


Every establishment no matter the size and scope of operations has a history to its credit. Doyin investment was established in 1984 which is owned by Prince (Dr) Samuel Adedoyin. The company is located on a twenty-four acre of land along Asa-Dam Road, Ilorin. The area, which accommodates the factory, is made up of four plants the Detergent plant, Toilet Soap plant, Sulphonation plant and dycerin plant.

The company is products include flash detergent, vogue toilet soap, Hi – clean [scouring power] and wash writes

It was officially commissioned by general Ibraheem Babangida former president, and commander in-chief of the armed forces of federal Republic of Nigeria on Wednesday 21st November, 1990 during his first official visit in Ilorin Kwara State. It is made up of five main department namely production, Accounting, Marketing, personal and purchasing sales department.

Being a private business enterprise the main arms for the establishment of the company is to generate profits. The company embarked on an aggressive marketing of its products.

Furthermore, Doyin investment was established for the following objective:

  1. To achieve large return on investment
  2. To make profits and grow while producing soap and detergent and glycerine.
  3. To create employment for Nigerians.
    The firms was established in 1984 with N3,465, 000 capital investment by (Dr.) Samuel Adedoyin and SEE >> HOW TO DOWNLOAD THE COMPLETE PROJECT (CHAPTER 1-5) NOW.


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