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Material Inspection As An Aid To Quality Production In A Bottling Industry

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The importance of plant quality control have never been greater than they are today product quality assurance and consumer satisfaction are two essential ingredient for success in today competitive market place.

It is essential for plant in a manufacturing industry to establish the proper in their operation for the development of a practical total operation for the development of a practical total quality control programme. For example delta Glass Company is ughill, while supplies the million of bottles require to keep a large bottling companies operation and the crown product factories in ijebu –ode and kano which manufacture the metal crown to seal the bottles.

Also, the largest manufacture of carbon dioxide in the country. This is used to carbonate the favorite soft drink. In order to be assured of continued quality product production adequate inspection of both incoming materials and improves materials has to be carried out in all bottling industries.


This research report has been divided into five chapter. Chapter one of the report introduce us to research work itself by taking us through the definition of inspection and quality of the product in bottling industry. The significance of the study and the scope of the research. The limitation to the study and mode of data collection were also brought under this chapter.

Chapter two is on literature review as regard the topic of this project which cover the mode of various inspection of materials and quality as reviewed by various authors.

Chapter three covers the research methodology determination of the sample and various criteria such as instrument used for data collection and statistical method used in analyzing data.

Chapter four also cover the presentation and analysis of data

Chapter five presents the finding conclusion and gives recommendation for solution to future inspection.



Chapter one

1.1 Introduction

1.2 Statement of problem

1.3 Objective of study

1.4 Significant of the study

1.5 Scope and limitations of the study

1.6 Historical background

1.7 Definition of terms

Chapter two

2.1Literature review

Chapter three

Research methodology

3.1  Research method use

3.2  Instrument or tools used for data collection

3.3  Research population and sample size

3.4  Sampling procedure employed

3.5  Statistical techniques used in analysis data formulation of hypothesis

Chapter four

4.1 Interpretation of data analysis of data

4.2 Proof of hypothesis

Chapter five

5.1  Finding, conclusion and recommendation

5.2  Summary of finding

5.3  Conclusion

5.4  Recommendations

5.5  References




Ascertaining the amount and quality of goods upon delivery is very important for any organization or firm that manufactures products for consumers.

The goods, components parts have to be compared with those listed on receiving sheet or other information to be used to verily correctness upon delivery. The result of verification should be recorded. If the goods meet the standard requirement, they are acceptance but if other wise they will be rejected.

Acceptance is indicated by singing on voice or some other documents. Duplicate of delivery note and a copy is retained by the purchasing officer while the other copy goes to accounting and so forth.

Formally, Nigeria firms/companies some of these raw materials from overseas countries, since Nigeria is undergoing a critical period of economic history. These companies could no longer import from the foreign countries because of embargo placed no some of these raw materials or goods.

This means that commercial organization needs to look inward for basic raw materials for the firm to exist.

Many firms sources locally for their materials while other still import at high cost. However as a result of inadequate foreign and inspection facilities many firms have folded up. Inspection of raw materials were not done thoroughly by these firms and this affects the majority of customers due to low quantity products.

It is therefore the researchers opinion that a research work that looks into this area of standard production is by means a relevant contribution to the ongoing structure adjustment programmed.

It is a common knowledge that in any production firm, the concept of quality assurance solely rests on inspection of raw materials which ensures that materials inspection is an aid to good quality producer,

This research work shall focus coca-cola bottling plc Ilorin as a case study. The contribution of inspection of quality product will be fully discussed on.

Inspection of goods that need to be technically inspected

Sampling inspection of goods received

Definition of quality, determination of right quality and measurement of quality product.

Quantity reliably

Problem faced by coca-cola bottling company on inspection an how to solve these problems

Alternative ways open to the batch of good rejected.

Therefore, unless adequate inspection and procedure are employed, the best purchasing system may fail because it is at this point that determination must be made if the goods are those intended and should meet specification of the buyer. A failure to have adequate inspection may means that higher cost lower quality and other undesirable factors will effect the production process. Poor inspection and receiving procedure can also lead to theft, fraud and other undesirable practices.


The purpose of this study is to investigate the inspection of materials as an aid to good quality product in the course of caring out the research, the researcher found out that in some bottling industries, inspection is not done they way it is supposed to be done. This research will give some recommendations on way to improve inspection procedure, bearing in the genes in mind some problems facing bottling industries some of which are explained below

  1. lack of awareness or knowledge be some bottling companies on the need to inspect raw materials. Most of the industries are not aware of inspection of materials. Some that aware failed to comply with this because of high cost of materials inspection. These companies often accept raw materials that are of low qualities.
  2. cost of inspection and analysis some of bottling companies could not afford the cost involved in inspection and analysis. This is either to have in house laboratory or to send sample to research industries.
  1. administrative bottleneck – some of the stock controllers in this company cannot exercise authority of acceptance or rejection of raw materials which are of low qualities. Some of these stock controllers disregard the authority by accepting inferior materials from the vendor.

d.failure to inspect raw materials which have been stored before usage. Some of the material used by coca-cola bottling company were not inserted before being put into production for the final products

  1. failure to inspect finished product adequately. Some of these firms do not inspect finished products before selling to customers.

The normally results in customers returning the finished products immediately to the sale representative as a result of poor standard.


The primary objective of this research work is for researcher to be able to fulfill, one of the conditions for the award of ordinary national diploma in purchasing and supply.

Furthermore, this research is of immense importance to the research in many ways foremost it that the student of this discipline will find the work useful.

Having a sound knowledge of this concepts therefore will enable the researcher to put into practice what has been laugh in the class.

The secondary objective of writing this project is that there is need for the study due to the fact that adequate attention has not been given by some firms on vital aspect of inspection which is the second major approach to the control of quality after a supplier has been selected.

Furthermore, the researcher will shed more light on the importance of materials inspection and inspection procedure.

To this end a typical example of general acceptance procedure as carried out in coca-cola bottling industry Ilorin would be discussed.


Part of the significant of the study is to ensure that materials inspection serves as an aids to good quality product particularly in bottling industries, and good quality  control can be maintained most especially bottling industries. Moreover, this can be done when the supplier has been selected  .


  1. That in coca-cola, bottling industry, there are no adequate inspection facilities and laboratory analytical equipment and where they exist goods that are rejected are accepted into store.
  2. that the inspection process should be in two ways and that at the receiving point of the industry raw materials should be critically inspected and tested for the various quality assessment by the company.
  3. That some bottling industries could not afford the cost of inspection and analysis.
  4. That in coca-cola bottling company, inspections of finished product are not done before issuing to the customers.


It is against the policy of the company for any member of staff to reveal information as regards the company to outside. This is to retain competitive stand and production secretary. The researcher also faced with transportation problem in conducting the research.
The major constraints here is that it require patience and courage to make several journeys before getting the attention of the manager whom the researcher felt were in a better position to give factual information.

There is also the problem of time factor. Apart from the time allowed for this research the researcher has to combine this researcher work with lecture periods. Which let no breathing space for the researcher.

Another important glorying problem in finance which constitutes a big hindrance for the researcher. Normally a researcher of this magnitude require a considerable amount of money for the gathering of information typing of manuscript, buying of duplicating paper, building and other vital expenses.

Therefore, this project will only deart with coca-cola bottling company, Ilorin because of the above mentioned factors.



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