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Marketing Planning As A Strategy For Efficient Business Performance In Nigeria

Download complete project materials on Marketing Planning As A Strategy For Efficient Business Performance In Nigeria from chapter one to chapter five with references

Marketing planning is a very vital and important management function in every organization in nigeria.Simon (2000) asserts that marketing process can be realized by the  marketing mix and the last of all the proves is controlling what  has been planned. Establishing targets or standard in an organization in term of marketing of its product and service is done in the marketing functions.


Title page




Table of content

Chapter One: Introduction

  • 1.1      Background of the study
  • 1.2      Statement of problems of the study
  • 1.3      Aims and objective of the study
  • 1.4      Significance of the study
  • 1.5      Scope of the study
  • 1.6      Limtiation of contraint of the study

Chapter Two: Review Of Relevant Literature

  • 2.1      Concept of marketing planning
  • 2.2      Marketging planning proces
  • 2.3      Aimes and objectives of marketing planning
  • 2.4      Marketing and objective of  marketing planning
  • 2.5      Marketing strategy
  • 2.6      Important of marketing planning
  • 2.7      Contribution of marketing planning to busines performanc
  • 2.8      Challenge and problems of marketing planning
  • 2.9      Evaluation of busiess organization
  • 2.10    Formation of hypothesis

    Chapter three: data presentation and analysis

            Reseearch Design

  • 3.2      Data collection method and techniques
  • 3.3      Data presntation and analysis techniques
  • 3.4      Data presentation and analysis techniques

Chapter Four: Data Presentation And Analysis

  • 4.1      Brief history of case study
  • 4.2      Data presentation and analysis
  • 4.3      Hypothesis testing

Chapter Five: – Summary, Conclusion And Recommendatoin

  • 5.1      Summary of findings
  • 5.2      Conclusions
  • 5.3      Recommendation




Marketing planning is inter-woven into the management function in the organization to ensure effective and efficient maximization of profits which of course is the most important aim of nay organization. Marketing planning can be defined as a management function which involves setting goals and developing specific activites, procedure and schedules for meeting the  organization marketing target. marketing planning is an important aspect in business organization because it laid down ways in which the prtofits maximization of the business organization can be achived. It is also a process on how a very good arrangement is to be made ragrading effective and efficient distribution of goods and services. For consumers to be reached satisfaction and for  substantial profits to be mande by the organization, marketing activities must be properly planned. The marketing plan could be short term, medium and long term. A business tape of planning to be used in terms of the periods it will cover.

Marketing planning may be part of an over all busiess plan or may be seperated from ever all plan and assign to a specific segmenrt or department in an organization.(usually marketuing department) so as to ensure efficient relationship of marketing objectives. In sales oriented organization the marketing planning function designs incentive pay plans to not only motivate and reward frontline staff fairly but also to align marketing activities with corporate missions.

Marketing planning also involves collection, classification, analysis  and interpretation of information observed through consumer’s feeling concerning the organization product. The marketing manager goes to market to gather information regarding competitor’s actions and what were the views held by the consumers of the organization so as to be able to plan and forecast on how best to achieve the organization objectives. The marketing planning is used to determine how the member of the public should be aware of organization product coping with trade promotion and improvement of sales.

Marketing planning is used to enhance effective achievement of the organization goal which includes profits maximization, organization  growth e.t.c.

The focus of the reaserch is to indentify marketing planning as a strategy for business performance in the organization using unilever nigeria plc as a case study.

Hence effort has been made to find solution to the following reaserch problem

–  What is the  relationship between marketing planning and business performamce?

–   What are the aims and objectives of marketing planning?

–  What is the marketing strategy used in planning

–  Contribution of marketing plannning to business problem?


The aim and objective of marketing planning as a strategy for efficient business performance in an organuization in Nigeria as  the following:

– To enable the organization achieve its set objective

– To has a perspective of the future and provide the basic direction guidance for marketing activities

– To set of controllable variable that a firm uses to influenece the buyer response.

-Creation of an metric frams/ work to monitor marketing performance and then develop and utilize marketing dash board to  manage marketing performance.

– It enable the oragnization goals to be realistic necessary performance made against future challenges.

– It provides opportunity to beat competitors.



The study willl be beneficial to students of finance and management courses who intend to carry out similar  reaserch work on the subject matter. It will also be useful to business organiztions, to unserstand what marketing planning is all about and to afford them the knowledge on the challenges.         Faced in marketing planning annd ways to over come those challenges. It is also useful to the governemtn as it will make them understand better the way marketing activites before been carried out for them to really ascertain their tax liability.


The reasech focuses on  marketing as a strategy  for efficient business perfomamnce in an organization in Nigeria usisng unilever as a case study.

The reaserch in case study in nature so that scope was  established for the study to ensure proper investigation.

All the department in unilever Nigeria plc lagos will be involved in this reaserch work. The study also covers the various measures that have been taken and the measures that are being taken in the present in solving the present challenges and offering solution to them.

This reaserch wprk will also cover lagos metropolis like oregun, ikeja, victoria island,oshodi, ketu, e.t.c as a strategy for business perfomance in the organization in Nigeria  using unilever as a cse study



No matter how one tries to put all effors on a reaserch study, there will be some constructions which will limits the proper attainment of the research objectives. This study is no exception.

The major constraint is the time available for the study so limited that is not enough for the study of sufficient finiance also have effect on the write up.

However despites alll this limitations effort has been made to  ensure that limitation did not hinder effective  completion and quality of the research work.


Due to the importance or reaserch work, marketing planning as  strategy in Nigeria, most especially to the case study unileve plc lagos.

The financial constraints need to be tacked with urgently which lead to raised funds through borrowing from friends and also some additional contributions from one of my relatives who stay in ibadan, oyo state.

Also, the  information gathered by the researcher from the respondent are not sufficient, some information are obtained from internet also some textbooks were consulted from the library in order to get some facts about the importance of marketing planning as astrategy in Nigeria which will later be reference.

Despite all these challenges the reaserch believe that this reserach work will achieve the desire objectives.


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