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Leadership Style And Their Impacts To An Organization Case Study Of Nigeria Bottling Company Plc

This research is the part of requirement of the award of National Diploma (ND) in Business Studies in the Institute of finance and management studies. The research work which is leadership style and their impact in an organization with a case study of Nigeria Bottling plc, Ilorin branch. This research divided into five chapters.
          Chapter one contain introduction, research methodology, the scope limitation and definition of terms also the aims and objective and the plans of the leader to the specific organization, literature review, the theorical approach to leadership, types of leadership, leadership style, functions of leadership, element of leadership, impact of leadership and historical background of Nigerian Bottling Company. It also contains data analysis and presentation research methodology, interview, question data collection and findings. In the last chapter of the project gives the summary, recommendations, conclusion and reference to the project.

1.1  Introduction                                                                  
1.2  Research Hypothesis                                                    
1.3 Scope and Limitation of the Study                      
1.4 Definition of Term                                               
1.5 Historical Background of the case study             

2.1 Literature Review                                                 
2.2 The Theatrical Approach to Leadership                         
2.3 Types of Leadership                                                      
2.4 Leadership Styles                                                
2.5 Function of Leadership                                        
2.6 Element of the Leadership                                   
2.7 Impact of Leadership                                                     

3.1Research Methodology                                         
3.2The Interview                                                       
3.3The Questionnaire                                               
3.4 Data Collection                                                    
3.5The Leadership Style Used in Coca-Cola plc Through Research Findings and Data Collection from the Staff of the organization                                                  

4.1 Data Analysis and Presentation                                    

5.1 Summary                                                                      
5.2 Conclusion                                                          
5.3 Recommendation                                                 

Leadership is simply interpersonal as influence exercise through communication and directed towards achieving group goals. Leadership is the process inducing other people to process toward accomplishment of joint objectives. The leader follower relationship is a personal one. The behaviors of the leaders influence other to pitch in and get a job done. When the leader does into have immediate contact with the subordinates, the influence other to pitch in and get a job done. When the leader does not have immediate contact with the subordinates, the influence is by physically over-seen or supervising actives.
It is through their characteristics styles and traits that leader inspire other to act all of us remember how some people even in childhood have tended to influence is to do something. In many cases we are not conscious of just why some have strong influence over our actions and other do not one person can say “come on, let get together and review for a test and well pitch in ”. Another person can say the same thing.
          In fact, one person may look to some types of people leadership while other in fact a person can be effective manager a good planner and a fair organized administrator but lack motivational skills of a leader. Others can be effective managers skilled at inspiring enthusiasm and devotion but lack the management skills to channel the energy they arouse in given the challenges presented by today’s changing environment, many organizations are putting a premium on managers. Anyone who aspires to become an effective manager must also make a conscious effort to practice and develop his or her leadership.
          Leadership is generally effectiveness but is another aspect of leader namely ethics or morality.
          How far should leaders go in trying to get other to allow them?
The essences of leadership is fellowship, in other words it is the willingness of people to follow that makes a person a leader, and people tend to follow these whom they see as providing a means of achieving their own desire, wants and needs. As a consequence, we can see that leadership and motivation are closely inter connected.
Leadership occurs when one person induces others to work toward some predetermined objectives. Leadership is also the value added to the organization by having an individual assume a role.      

For the purpose of this study, some hypothesis will be tested in order to determine the effect of leadership on the subordinates

H1: - Lack of dignity disregard the leadership to influence power on his followers in different form.
H2: - Motivation improves the followers to make personal sacrifices for the good of the company.

          This exercise in some ways has it constraints’ and limitation just like any human Endeavour.
          Various attempts were made to put together the historical background of coca-cola plc, in general and the Ilorin plant in particular.

Apart from the interviewing the Ilorin plant personal manager which on many occasions provide futile. The primary and secondary data on the historical background was not easy to locate since advert and publications form apart of the details of the historical background and reluctance of the officer of the company to give out some information due to lack of education from the lower level employee who fear of victimization by the superior officer before interviewing the subordinate officers.

1.LAISSEZ-FAIRE:-This means moving still further away from autocratic leadership if laissez-faire (liberally “allow them to do") style here the leadership attempt to exercise very little concept or influence over group member.

2. CHARISMATIC:-This means where leaders have capacity to inspire devotion and ability to lead his subordinates.

3.COECIVE:-This means where leadership have capacity to inspire demotion and ability to lead his subordinate.

4. DEMOCRATIC: - This is leadership bested either on the popular election of the leads or on an able qualified person being appointed through an established procedure to the position of leadership.

5. AUTOCRATIC­: -This is known as autocratic ceremony in the manager. The manager enforces decision by the use of reward and the fear punishment, the right conferred on an administrator in an organization to make decision in the course of discharging this responsibility.

          An objective of the survey was to explore across different economics and the ability of business leaders to complete globally and take their organization successfully to the future.


Every establishment no matter the size and scope of operations has a historical background to its credit.
The historical of the Nigerian Bottling can be traced to an American businessman called Mr. A.G Leventis. This man with his business came to Nigeria with to purpose of establishing for himself a solid   industrial base in many parts of African continent including Nigeria.

A merchant in Nigeria, Mr. AG. Leventtis was granted the franchise to bottling plant was commissioned in March, 1953 at Iddo Oyingbo in Lagos. It is primarily responsible to for the bottling of mineral soft drinks. The coming of coca-cola as a soft drinks gain an acceptable administration of the people and remained on of the most cherished product among the soft drinks ever produced in Nigeria today.

The Nigerian bottling company is one of the branches of Levetis group of companies now established Nigeria. In all, the company operates under the umbrella of leventis. At present there are about 20 bottling plants all over the country with headquarters at coca-cola house, Iddo house, Lagos. Ibadan, Apapa, Ikeja, Otaa, Enugu, Onisha, Port-Harcourt, Aba, Makurdi, Asejire, Sokoto, Benin, Maiduguri, Challawa and Ilorin have plant of Nigeria.


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