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Impact Of Effective Transportation And Physical Distribution Logistics

Download complete project material on Impact Of Effective Transportation And Physical Distribution Logistics from chapter one to five 

This project is design to more light on the impact of effective transportation and physical distribution logistic in any given organization has been practiced by Nigerian Bottling Company Plc. It also entails contribution of effective transportation, and physical distribution logistic, it general effects and how it’s being used by Nigerian Bottling Company.

The role of effective transportation and physical distribution logistic is more productive in Nigeria Bottling Company and will be analyzed chapter by chapter in this project. Transportation is therefore concerned with the movement of raw materials, finished goods and people from one place to another. This movement could be done by road, air, sea. Transportation is very important to production in that, if goods are produce but could not get to final consumer. While physical distribution involves movement and storage of goods in warehouse virtue they are needed by the final consumer.

Physical distribution is also important in any organization because not every production can meet immediate consumption by the buyer after the production process. They must be preserved in somewhere called warehouse pending the consumption period. Logistic in manufacturing industries involve the processing by which organization planning, implementing and controlling the efficient, effective flow and storage of goods, services and related information from the point of origin to the point of consumption. The main purpose of this is to confirming the customer requirement. Also meet up with time, equality and quantity budgeted by the organization.









1.0 Background of the Study

1.1 Introduction

1.2 Statement of the Problem

1.3 Objectives of the Study

1.4 Significance of the Study

1.5 Scope and Limitation

1.6 Definition of Key Terms


2.0 Literature Review

2.1The Meaning of Transportation and Physical Distribution

2.2 Different forms of Transportation in Nigeria

2.3 The Meaning of Distribution

2.4 Component of Transportation and Distribution


3.0 Research Methodology

3.1 Research Method Used

3.2 Instrument Used for Data Collection


4.1 Data Presentation and Data Analysis



5.1Summary of Findings


5.3 Recommendations





This research work (study) is titled “Impact of effective transportation and physical distribution logistic in a manufacturing company as practiced by Nigerian Bottling Company”. This research study is not meant for members of staff of Nigerian Bottling Company.

This research is not written to expose the activities of the company to the public rather; the research study will increase the level of efficiency and effectiveness of staff in their performance of their duties.

It is necessary to mention what channel of distribution means before proceeding. Distribution channel is the route of path through which producer to final consumer or raw material supplier from the production company. This assist in transferring title of the particular goods or services from producer to consumer. Therefore, the role of channel of distribution cannot be overemphasized because of positive effect on the economy as a whole.

In the early days, production was largely forming exchange of goods and services, and goods for goods and service for services was only through trade by barter. What a person produced was enlarge by what other people produced.

However, during the succeeding year dramatic charges involves individual began to specialize in the product in which they have more comparative advantage on each others.

They produce more that what the consumer need at a time. Thus, the foundation is laid for trading is the heart of distribution.


The general problem in this research work is how the impact of effective transportation and physical distribution logistic can contribute positively to Nigerian Bottling Company where different brands and range of products and distribution to both wholesaler and consumer directly by the organization.

However, some of the problems encountered in the distribution process can be grouped under the sub-heading internal and external. Under the internal factor: There are some lapses on the part of the management, as some of the policies do affect their distribution process.

There are carelessness attitude of some employees.

Under the external factor: the state of economy and the poor road network. The present vocal network in the country is generally bad and this does not encourage good transportation system. In fact most Nigeria road is death trap; they are so bad that accident occur easily every day. Both track and product get destroyed though accident.

The state of economy: The present economic depression has led to high cost of transportation and distribution process. To purchase a new truck used for distribution by Nigerian Bottling Company PLC. will cost millions of naira let alone spare part and other maintenance. Also the increase of cost of living compared to the income of consumers is to high poor capital income is low, hence, the rate of income spent for Nigerian Bottling Company PLC. Products are low.



The research work provide an avenue for the researcher to study and compare the theoretical aspect of purchasing and supply have learnt in the classroom with practical aspect of its as it applied to Nigerian Bottling Company, it requires auide or mandated by the National Board for Technical Education (Nig or Fedina) and also required as a practical fulfillment for the award of National Diploma (ND) in Purchasing and Supply.

With this research work, the researcher has tried to find out whether service had been rendered by Coca-Cola (PLC) can justify expenditure on distribution logistic for soft drinks (Coca Cola) product.

The school Kwara State Polytechnic would benefit from data collected by the researcher, especially, the purchasing and supply in the school about the role of distribution department in transportation and distribution logistic.

The Coca-Cola Bottling PLC self, would benefit from the researcher work because the organization can use its findings to correct ant abnormalities if any however, the researcher himself because even after the study, the research is gain to us as a reference development. Finally the project work would also be of benefit to students who wish to use as a guide as a reference.


The study is expected to be of great importance as measuring the degree of effective transportation and distribution logistic in a manufacturing company. In addition to this, it would be an advantage to business man who is planning to invest in Kwara state and Nigeria at large.

The research would verify the need for filling a scale of strategic distribution about the future trust and manufacturing company in the country and most especially Kwara State in geographical totality.


The research study focuses on impact of effective transportation and physical distribution logistic in manufacturing company as practice by Nigerian Bottling Company. Area cover in this research study includes effect of transportation, physical distributions and logistic distribution channel, importance of distribution, problem associated with distribution and so on.


Uncooperative attitude of the staff hinder my early completion of the project work as I made several visitations to the company site. Time also serves as limitation which makes me draw my academic domestic pre-occupation which affected the time taken to fully devote myself to writing of this thesis.

Finance is also major limitation. Being an undergraduate of the researcher who depends on the family before living, yet he can only afford little money had on this research work.

Historical Background of Nigeria Bottling Company PLC. Coca-Cola first came to Nigeria in 1953 when Coca-Cola accepted corporate granted franchise to Mr. A. G. Leventis to bottle Coke in Nigeria. The first bottling plant was commissioned on March 1953 in Apapa, Lagos.

Coca-Cola Bottling plant is today number one bottler of soft drink, selling more than nine million bottles per day. A figure which is still graving with the controlling expansion of existing plant and with the opening of brand new plants in various part of the nation.

Fanta is by far the number one best seller in orange segment and Sprite is the most widely sold lemon drink, in Nigeria. Other product bottled by Nigerian Bottling Company include Coke, Fanta, Soda Crest, and Bitter Lemon.

The success of Coca-Cola has brought with it, the development of a number of sister industries all contributing to the growth of Nigeria economy. The Delta Glass Company in Ugheli which supply to millions of bottle required to keep a large bottling company operation and the crown producing factories Ife-Ode and Kano which manufacture the metal crown to seal the bottle. Being plastic company which makes the plastic crate for carrying the bottles. In addition, the trucks which are familiar site in many part of the country delivery soft drink to more than ninety thousand dealers.

Nigeria Bottling Company is situated in many part of the country with sixteen plants and three proposed plant of Markudi, Aba II and Ikeja II.

The first and formal head offices of Nigeria Bottling Company are at Leventis Building Iddo House, Lagos, but now at Nigeria Bottling Company House, Oyingbo, Lagos.


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