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Effectiveness and Efficiency Of Information Technology As Tool For Promoting Customer Services In Nigeria Commercial Banks

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In a situation where power is used to direct, control and regulate activities that effects people’s interest there is the need in exercise such power with good intention. For corporate activities, particularly public limited companies the exercise of power over the enterprises direction the supervision and control of executive action is concerned with the effects of the enterprise on other parties, especially the environment. The acceptance of a judiciary of corporate governance.

Universal there is a ground jwell of interest in corporate governance. This has been widely event driven in the sense that is in response to scandals and unexpected crises which in some case abstractly terminated the existence of large corporate entities. The failure of johnson banks or credit and commerce international savings bank euro corporation polly pick are cases at this point.


Title Page




Table of Contents


1.1 Introduction

1.2 Statement of the problem

1.3 Research Questions

1.4 Objectives of the study

1.5 Research Hypothesis

1.6 Signifiance of the study

1.7 Scope of the study

1.8 Definition of terms

1.9 Plan of the study


Literature Review



3.1Sources of  Data

3.2 Population of the study

3.3 Sample Size

3.4 Method of Data Collection (instrument)

3.5 Methods of Data Analysis

3.6 Limitation of methodology (Optional)


Data presentation Analysis and Interpretation


5.1Summary of findings







The failures of those institution have been traced back to school lapses associated with poor corporate governance include conflict of interest of corporate governance.

The concern also coincide with the implementation of liberalization, deregulation and privatization policies. Particularly in transaction economies. It also shifts the authorities for allocations resources and return including social benefit and externalizes with forms from public to private sector actors.

However, the concern which defines the scope of his research work is that of corporate governance in nigeria banks. As widely acknowledgement in the literature, banks play a vital role in promoting economics growth and development of modern nation starter as noted by schumpeter (1934) as a key agent in the process of development.

As financial intermediaries they are pivotal agents in payment to the real sector. They also act as a catalyst for economy growth and development.

The finding of various investigation into the remote and immediate cause of recent bank failure in nigeria narrow the problem down to two broad group namely macro economics and micro economics which are respectively exogenous and endogenous to the affected failed banks. In particular one of the majors finding of the CBN/HDIC collaborative study conducted in 1995 on distress in the Nigeria financial setors industry was that the endogenous factors were the most profound of all the subsequent failure of some of them.

Many banks that were distressed attributed to poor condition largely to endogenous factor which included undue interference from board number in management and bad credit policy (CBN/NDIV 1995) presence of serious corporate governance problem in the country banking sector. Efforts have been taken for motivated sanitation of the deregulation authorities which has been deployed to contain the problems of distress banks. The under lending manifestation of the corporate governance problem in the nations banking sector in the motivation of the research work to examine the effect of good corporated governance in the banking industry in Nigeria.

The important of effective good corporate governance in the corporate and economics performance can not be over emphasized in to days of global market place companies perceived as adopting international but to attracts international investor that those whise pratice are not perceived to be international standard.

It can also be said that crises witnessed in the nigeria financial system especially in the nineties could essentially be linked to non-compliance with the principle of good corporate banking sector in the area good corporate governance its on this development and needs of corporate entity to adopt good corporate governance.


Also with this the researches intend to put in brief the problem of non-compliance with the corporate governance rules and regulation and how this problem can be solved. In due course effort has been made to find solution in the folloein problems.

  1. How can a corporate entity discharge corporate governance through it function?

ii.In what way will the corporate entity gives the explict procedure on what is to be tone

iii.How can corporate entities ensure balance of power with which the organization is directed, supervised and held accountable.

  1. How can the researcher described and interest statistic presentation, interpretation analyses the data gatheref through the questionnaire and annual report.


The focus of this study is to identify the effect of good corporate governance in the nigeria banking industry. Hence, in the course of this study, effort has been made to find solution to the following research question.

  1. What are the overview of corporate governance?
  2. What are the priciple of corporate governance?

iii. How does the ethical issue arise in corporate governance?

  1. Why the need for financial reporting and good corporate governance?
  2. What are the important of corporate governance?

vi.What are the codes of corporate governance in an organization?

vii.What are the benefits of corporate governance?

viii.How does the corporate governance arise in an organization?

  1. Discuss the corporate governance in the nigeria banking industry?


This study has to examine the effect of good corporate governance in the nigeria banking induxtry the aims and objectives of the study are:

  • 1. To examine the overview of corporate governance
  • 2. To highlight the principal talent of corporate governance
  • 3. To know the ethic issues in corporate governance
  • 4.To know the need for financial reporting and good corporate governance.
  • 5.To enumerate the important of good corporate governance
  • 6.To analyze the code of corporate governance in an organization


Hypothesis is a statement of belief regarding a phenomenon, fact or relationship among various variable. Hypothesis is always tested against facts before it is accepted or rejected.

There are two types of hypothesis:

  • Null hypothesis: it is tested for rejection or acceptance depending on the sampling experience it is donated by Ho.
  • Alternative hypothesis: this represents the hypothesis or stateemnt to taken as true when null hypothesis (Ho) is false, that is rejected. This represents acceptance only if the data provided convincing evidence of its truth it is donated by (Hi)
  1. Null hypothesis (Ho) tested in this project is as follow: Ho corporate governance does not enable the banks to meet up with the depositor’s demand.

Ho corporate governance does not prevent the expectation of the investors and managers.

  1. Also alternative (Hi) tested in this project is as follow:

Hi corporate governane enable the bank to meet up with the depositors demand.

Hi corporate governance prevent the expectation of the investor and managers.


The following categories of people will benefit from this research work.

  • 1. The bank: it enables the bank to perform toward the expectation of regulatory bodies and representing the interest of stakeholder in good manner stewardship and bring back good confidence to the banking activities.

The customers: the demand for the bank services by the customers both accordance with rules and regulation.



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