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Direct Entry Admission Chances Without Jamb Regularization Using Other Diploma

Direct Entry Admission Chances Without Jamb Regularization Using Other Diploma. Can I gain admission with direct entry using other diploma without regularization?
Direct entry form has been out for almost four months now, and we all know the closing date according to JAMB. Therefore, if you are still interested in obtaining direct entry form, kindly do quick and obtain it before the date.
As the direct entry registration continues, one of the problem applicants encountered is what we called JAMB DIRECT ENTRY REGULARIZATION. This phrase sound so strange to most of the applicants as they were just hearing it for the first time, when they got to the point of registration. If you don’t know what Jamb regularization means….click HERE to read it.
Let understand this first.
There are two types of diploma in the box where you are to choose your qualification.
We have:

1) National Diploma (ND): This is meant for people who attended polytechnics or other recognized diploma awarding institutions. Gaining admission for National diploma required you to write Jamb, except if you were a part time students.
If you were a part time student and you did not write Jamb to gain admission for your diploma, now that you want to apply for direct entry and you have no Jamb number for registration, you are required to go to your institution to require for regularization. You will be required to pay a certain amount of money, and be given a jamb number to use.
On no account, should you use OTHER DIPLOMA to apply for direct entry in this situation.
and we have…..  

2) Other diploma:
This is mostly obtainable from Universities diploma. To get this admission you are not required to write Jamb, and if you want to apply for direct entry, you are not required to regularize. Just choose ‘Other diploma’ in the option. You are good to go.
On no account should you choose “national diploma” while completing a direct entry application form.
Many Applicants Use ‘Other Diploma’ To Apply For Direct Entry, what is their chance of gaining admission and what are the risks involved?
You are meant to submit the copy of all your credentials to Jamb office immediately after application. So if you are lucky and the Jamb official check your documents properly during submission, they will never accept it from you.
You choose “other diploma” but your certificate shows national diploma. But if in case they accept it in error and forward it to Jamb in Abuja, during admission shortlisting, they may not recommend you for admission. The reason been that, you did not fulfill the registration procedures.
Last admission, I have many candidates who tried it, due to the fact that they were not quickly aware of Jamb regularization. They performed well in their schools of choice post UTME, but unfortunately, non of them was offer admission, though you own may be an exemption.
Direct entry admission is just few in the total admission a particular university will give each year, but there are thousands of applicants. So do everything right, don’t give them any opportunity to disqualify you for admission.
I quickly made this post because of you and others who have been so disturbed to find a solution for this problem, to understand the differences between other diploma and national diploma. I hope you find this useful?

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