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Consumer Attitude Towards Okada Transport Service In Nigeria (a Case Study of Okada Commuter In Kaduna Metropolis)

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ABSTRACT The general belief of an average marketer is that consumers are kings and therefore need to be treated as what they say they are, No company can produced a product without people that will purchase or use the product this make consumer to be number one in the mind of any producer because they are the one that can allow the company to grow and sustained in the market.

Consumer attitude is not doubt need to be study before a company produces or sell a product, who is buying the product may not be the one that will finance it and also both of them may not be the users and even on the part of the end users there are many question to be asked why would a consumer behaved in certain ways, what do you thin you can do to make consumer ask for more of you product and what exactly did the consumer really want and afters all this how to satisfy them.

Consumer attitude towards Okada transport worth study because of the ways some Okada rider behave and also some consumer attitude can be explained as how a consumer behave or their own perception towards a product or a company. In the covers of this study, the researcher will evaluate the reason why consumer attitude worth studying and the importance of consumer attitude and how they affect the Okada transport service in Nigeria. This research work will also deal with the research methodology where questionnaire will be administered and also text of hypothesis will be looked on to. Lastly, reasons why consumer behave in certain ways will be explained deeply.




Statement of the problem

Aims and objectives of the study

Significance of the study

Scope of the study

Theoretical scope

Geographical scope

Industrial scope

Time scope

Limitations and constraints to the study


Review of past research reports on the subject matter (empical review)

Review of general test (theoretical review)

Hypothesis formulation



Research design

Data collection method/techniques
– Type of data collected

– Source of data
– Method of collection

Data presentation and analysis technique (tools of analysis)

Sampling procedures

Definition of population

Sample unit

Sample frame

Sample size and distribution

Sample selection


Brief history of care study

Analysis of problems (data presentation and anlysis)

Hypothesis testing

Summary of findings


Summary of report








There are different types of services that exist in Nigeria, transportation services that exist in Nigeria. Transportation services is one of the services and so its importance cannot be over-emphasized in carrying out our day-to-day activities.

In Nigeria today, transportation services is among the adult population. The service is one of the most important single factors influencing the standard of living of the Nigerians in one way or the other in both rural and urban centers.There is no doubt that transportation service is one of the means of improving business activities in any human society and this include Okada transport service, without this service it will b every difficult to convey people from one place to another and even to carryout other social services.It is in the light of this that the federal and state government established the federal and state ministries of transport of oversee and regulate transportations laws.There exists inequalities of various transportation services in almost very facts of life inequalities in special distribution of these phenomena. The phenomena could be social, cultural, physical as well as economic. These inequalities has resulted in and still resulting in the stratifications parade our whole society today. Due to these inequalities, certain place or area may be abundantly endowed with good means of transportation service, while other place may suffer inequalities means.1.2 STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEMThe problem of consumer attitude towards Okada transport service is clear and not too many, which include.Too light i.e. not heavy the “Okada” motor cycle is not heavey which cannot easily controlled by a heavy wind that below of the road by any incoming vehicle that comes from the opposite side or behind with high speed.The “Okada” has no cover i.e. the body that will prevent rain to get to the passenger and the riders body. In case there is minor accident, it affects both the rider and the passenger because they serve as the body of “Okada”The transport services “Okada” cannot convey or carry many people at a time lake any other means of transportation service such as plane, car and train. It can only carry one person at a time.There is no much space for the carriage of many and heavy load of the consumer to their different destination.OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDYAs most researcher have found out that transportation service is one of the means of improving business activities. The major aim of this is to find out consumer attitude towards “Okada” transport services in Nigeria, their causes and to suggest possible solution.1.4 SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDYThere are different means of transportation example raod, water, air, rail-way transportation. Among the road transportation we have the Okada transportation Okada might seen to be cheap transportation and low rate compared to other transportation services. Okada transportation has on intense significance in ensuring economic growth and development in the nation and the economy at the large.The bad situation Okada riders and consumers are faced which have called for a severe attention. It is then call for one to give a detailed study of how this problem can be solved.1.5 SCOPE OF THE STUDYThis study intends to give details the various challenges fared by the Okada riders and also the consumer of the transport services. The study also cover what can be employed in solving the present problem we are faced with.The study also covers the various measurers that have been taken and the measure that are been taken in solving present challenges and offering solution to them. This research work will cover Ilorin metropolis excluding are and sub area such as, Basin, air-port Olorunsogo, Adabata.1.5.1THEORETICAL SCOPEThe theoretical scope of this study is that, it covers Ilorin metropolis, the total needs of commuter’s attitude toward Okada transport services in Nigeria and the perception of commuter’s on Okada services, commuters expectation from Okada transport services provide government etc.1.5.2 GEOGRAPHICAL SCOPE The area which is covered in terms of rendering their services is a very wide range where there are numerous customers whom make use of okada transport services right from Ilorin metropolis to every area at Ilorin where Okada transport delivered their services.1.5.3 INDUSTRIAL SCOPE This research work will covered the transportation services using Okada transport means as a references point for the transport services to know the concern of the customer about the transport service, to know their level of satisfaction on the Okada transport services.TIME SCOPEDue to the limited time, the data obtained will be within a range of a year and the validity of the outcome can only be tenable for the duration of two years 92) as a result of changing transportation services. It also dig into the problem faced by the consumer and what make them not to enjoy service rendered by the Okada riders.1.6  LIMITATION AND CONSTRAINT TO THE STUDY  This research work successful but not without some problems along the way.Firstly inadequate literatures ad regards consumers attitude towards Okada transport services in Nigeria. If not for some text books and journals of vocational and technical studies pertaining to consumer behaviours.In some occasions those to interview were on their business service or not in good mood for such exercise due to lack of passenger(s) to carry to earn their daily money and hot weather of the days. In such situation the complete and relevant information needed for the research.Another problem encountered was death literature during the collection of data for research work was in availability and inadequate text-books on the findings and preventing getting the information from or wide dimensions.Above all, the research was also constrained with lack of find, which could not allow this research work to get all necessary materials required for the project.


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