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Communication As A Mechanism For Effective Management In An Organization.

According to a staff of power holding company in Nigeria, Ilorin in person of  Bro. Balogun through much effort gathered some fact about the history of power holding company of Nigeria (PHCN). In findings, there was nothing like electricity unity towards the closing year of 1893, when the first plant was installed at 24/25 closing year minna road, lagos. The purpose of the installation was to supply light to governors house, however, some influential people in lagos benefited immensely from it, the light used to be from 6:00pm – 11pm daily. The cost of the plant was #6.00( about #12.00) Electricity consumption per unit was 10 pounce, towards 1914 there was amalgamation of the northern and the southern protectorates.


Title Page




Table of content


1.0       Background of the study


1.2Statement of the problem

1.3Aims and objectives of the study

1.4Significance of the study

1.5Scope and limitation of the study

1.6Organization of the study

1.7Definition of terms


2.0       literature review

2.1theoretical framework

2.2purpose of communication

2.3current trend in thinking

2.4types of communication

2.5routes of communication

2.6remedies to effective communication

2.7summary of the chapter


3.0       research methodology

3.1sample and population of the study

3.2sources of data

3.3method of data analysis

3.4Research problems


4.0       data analysis and interpretation

4.1brief history of the case study

4.2mode effective communication

4.3barriers to effective communication

4.4effects of poor communication

4.5possible solutions to poor communication

4.6summary of the chapter


5.0       summary, recommendation and conclusion




According to heachor B.E (1984) between 1914 and 1918, there was the first world war as a result which everything became scarce, therefore, the workers were subjected to poor salaries and no welfare benefits af anykind, development efforts was equally slow. Immediately, after the war, idido power station known as ijora.

“A” power station was built, the electricity consumption become so much increase as a result of the creation of meter section thus the existence of government electricity at this time was under the PHCN there was also some of the individual electricity such as native authorities and some of the municipal authorities.

In 1959, in order to integrate power development so that it may be more effective the federal government passed the electricity which made both the public workers department (PHCN) native authorities and municipal authorities.

In 1950, in order to power development so that it may be more effective, the federal government passed the electricity cooperation of Nigeria ordinance No 15 of 1950 which made both the public workers department (PHCN) native authorities and municipal authorities of Nigeria (ECN), workers interst were not taken into consideration. In the merger, those who left the services were not given any benefit.

The Niger Dam authority was established in 1952 by an act of parliament and the reason for it’s establishment was for construction and maintenance of Dams and some other rivers generating electricity by means of water power.

This body Niger Dams Authority (NDA) took charge of the constitution of Kangi Dam between 1964 and 1968.

The federal military government decided to merge both electricity corporation of Nigeria (ECN) and Niger Dam Authority (NDA) just as it was done in 1950 when ECN was established. On 29th June 1972 clearance No 24 was promulgated and back dated to 1st April, 1976 thereby the national electricity power authority (NEPA) now power holding company of Nigeria (PHCN). The responsibility is to develop maintain an efficient coordination and economical system of electricity supply in all parts of Nigeria. A board was set up to run the corporation. The board and its chairman were accountable to the federal government through federal ministry of mining and power. The workers were regarded as civil servants.

The government however, the Calvary has always been the case. For example under the third plan, (PHCN) had a projected capital programme of some of #982.82 million with rural electrification components for some #90.33 million. The actual public expenditure on power was #53 million.

The federal government made a loan available to power holding company of Nigeria (PHCN) in 1975/76; #100 million in 1976/78 from the substantial federal government investment in PHCN, the federal government should have received from the PHCN at least about 2.82 million in 1980, #7.09 million payments.

According to chup. S.o (1956.118) “now in the estimates available to me now, do I see any accurate pattern resembling the one that have been derived.

Thus in 1990 in line with the dictates of the structural adjustment programme (SAP) of the General Babangida Military Administration and to effective tackle numerous problem.

The federal military government decided to partially commercialize some public enterprises including PHCN. The government funds just for the commercialization of public utilities according to Darres H.V. (189).

According to a staff of PHCN district office Ilorin, in person of Ayoade, information gathered showed that the PHCN Ilorin district stated as an undertaking office under tutelage of osogbo national control centres.

Conclusively, what is today known as power holding company of Nigeria (PHCN) Ilorin district started as an undertaking office?


Communication is an integral aspect of human existence and also necessary for survival. In the primitive world communication was a necessary and even in these age of information and communication technology (ICT).

Communication touches every sphere of human activities. It forms all of man’s action, because it is the brain, mind, centre and the life blood of any organization, because it is the essence of effective communication. For instance, organization has to communicate with the workers, organization need to communicate with other organization, customers, and source of raw material.

Communication therefore, serves as an instrument of social interaction. It helps us to understand ourselves, keep in touch with other people and to predict their respect.

In addition it is a means by which power is acquired, exercised and sustained thus, it is the medium through which relationships are established extended and maintained.

To this end, communication provides a means by which people in business act and interacts, exchange information and ideas, develop plans, proposal and politics and make decision and manage them. In every organization communication help workers to interact with one another and it is the means by which such goal can be accomplished.

The universal nature of communication has led to various definitions about communication.

Fielding (1992:14) defines communication as a transaction whereby participants together create meaning through the exchange of symbols. The definition encapsulate four points. There  are:-

(i) Communication as a transaction between and among people who take one another into account and work together according to a set of race.

(ii)Communication as a process of people working together.This stressed the fact, that they have to develop mutual expectations which brings about mutual influence.

(iii)Communication as a creation of meaning. Here participants need to ensure that others understand what they’re saying. This is because words do not have meaning in themselves rather people give meaning to words. These must be a sharing of meaning.

(iv)  Exchange of symbols. Symbols enable people to create meanings. Symbols may be verbal, non verbal which involves the use of gesture, facial expression and the use of voice in different ways. Verbal, which involves the use of spoken or written; graphic involves the use of tables, line graphs, bar graphs etc. gratfun (1992:319) sees communication as the process by which two or more parties exchange information and share meaning.

While Adeleke (2001:75) defines it as the means through which the tasks and the resources need to carry out an assignment, the roles and duties and the expected results are made known to the subordinates.

Communication may also be define as the transition of information and knowledge between the sender of a message  and the receiver of the message.

Communication is the generation of information and attribution of meaning between the parties involved.

The sender of a message generate, while the receiver attribute meaning to the message being generated.

Communication may also be describe as the transfer of intended message to a prospective recorder.


Power holding company of Nigeria (PHCN) as a company operating in Nigeria power sector inspite of it crucial service to the nation entirely is confronting several problem or set back militating against effectives operation of the sectors. Some of the following problems are as follows:-

(i)  Poor management

(ii) Political interference

(iii)Poor finding

(iv)Shortage of quality personnel

(v) Frequent change of board of directors

(vi)Inadequate facilities.

Poor Management:- among all the problem of power holding company of Nigeria (PHCN) is poor management practice and direction of state of affairs of the PHCN as one of the public enterprise.

Nigeria takes various ways in implementation of programme and co-ordination of an going project in the power sectors/favourtism and nepotism among the funding management, the power sectors does more harm than good to power generation and distribution in the country.

Political interference:-
long before and after independent political here always dominating the state of affairs of public enterprise, PHCN not in exception.

Political interruption internal affairs and mode of operation of the company. A major attitude of most Nigeria government towards public administration is that any change in government led to change in leadership and administration including appointments, promotion of management and board of directors is usually not on merit but political appointment.

Poor Finding:-
finding has always be the major exercise given to inefficiency of most public enterprise. PHCN, the problem of PHCN as always agitating that in spite of huge money spent into the power sector, it has always failed to perform.

Shortage of Quality Personnel:-
in this regard public cooperation’s usually characterized by over staffing but the result in PHCN as always different when management and board of directors have always used shortage as an exercise to cover the lapses in effective service delivery.

Inadequate Facilities:-
among the most considered factors responsible for the failure of PHCN can be attributed to poor state of infrastructural facilities.


The study is to examine the various channels of communication that exist in this organization PHCN district office Ilorin and to see how the method have effected its management as well as the workers in the realization of their goals. It is also to explore how communication could enhance effective management.

The study will also promote mutual understanding among individuals and members of staff of this organization. Broadly the study seeks to find solution to the following question.

(i)    What channels of communication are existing?

(ii)   What patterns of communication are relevant to the organization?

(iii)  What is the communication climate between the workers in the organization?

(iv)  In what ways does the external communication influences the management of the organization.?


The significance of the study is to know how the staff of the organization operates in their day – to –day activities.

Another significance of the study is that it will serve as a reference to students in the library and it will also serve as a form of literature review


The study is limited to (PHCN Ilorin district office) there are six understanding in this district they are G.R.A. undertakings, Omun-Aran undertaking, Jebba undertaking, Oloje undertaking, Baboko undertaking.

This study is limited to both junior staff in PHCN who required adequate communication for effective service and enable them to work more effectively and efficiently in the generation, transaction and distribution of electricity to consumers.


Chapter one of this projects deals with the background and introduction, which covers aims and objectives of the study, scope of the study, significance of the study, problem and organization of the study.

The second chapter contains the review of the related literatures.

The third chapter stresses on the research methodology

The forth chapter deals with the data analysis and the interpretation

And the last chapter, chapter five deals with the summary, recommendation and conclusion of the research work.


Power holding company of Nigeria:- This is the exchange of information and knowledge between the sender and the receiver of a message. Otherwise, communication can also be view as the generation of information and attribution of  meaning

:- this is the co-ordination of human and materials resources to achieve organization goal, it can be seen as getting things done through others. It can also be viewed as the utilization and co-ordination of human and materials resources in attaining organization’s goals.


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