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Communication As A Means Of Enhancing Organizational Development



This work is a part of requirement for the award of higher National diploma (HND) in business administration of Kwara state polytechnic, Ilorin Kwara state. In this project, the research would comment on the importance and significant of communication in an organization especially manufacturing industries. Also, effective communication process would be evaluated to let the readers know the reason why communication has to be managed effectively in an organization.

The searchers would visit international tobacco company Ilorin for more findings on the project, and for collection of necessary on the project, and for collection of necessary data to be used. The problem findings would be analyzed in the project. The view of many authors, the organization itself, manager and the people involved in the process would also be discussed extensively. Based on the summary of findings and conclusion the authors reasonable recommendation of how to improve the skill of communication process in an organization settings and how it can be managed effectively to enhance organizational development would be discussed.

Chapter one of these projects shows that introduction, statement of problems, objectives of the study, scope and limitation of the study, significant of the study, historical background of the study and definition of the terms.

Chapter two shows the literature review, chapter three of the project shows the research methodology, justification of research methodology adopted, and method of data collection chapter four of this project shows the presentation and analysis of data.

Chapter five shows the summary, conclusion recommendation and bibliography.

Finally, the researchers hope the write up would not only attract attention of various organizations in Nigeria, but would also form an important topic of discussion among business education managers and industrialist. Therefore the researchers hope to summarize their finding, drawn conclusion and suggest recommendations, which would be put to valuable uses by the case study organization and other industry alike


Title page

Approval page




Table of contents


1.1 Introduction

1.2 Background of the study

1.3 Statement of the problems

1.4 Objective of the study

1.5 Significance of the study

1.6 Scope of the study

1.7 Limitation of the study

1.8 Definition of terms

1.9 Plans of the study


2.0 Reviews of related literature



3.0 Research methodology

3.1 Historical background of the case study

3.2 Population of the study

3.3 Sample size

3.4 Sources of data/method of data collection

3.5 Methods of data analysis


4.0 Data presentation, interpretation analysis

4.1 Data presentation

4.2 Data interpretation

4.3 Data analysis

4.4 Research findings


5.0 Summary, conclusion and recommendation

5.1 Summary

5.2 Recommendation

5.3 Conclusion




Communication is vital part of human existence, as long as there is life, human being perpetually seeking to be heard and understood to look around us today, human being are always interacting with one another.

The person wishing to be heard and understood is the sender of the message. He generates meaning by encoding the message in a way he thanks it would be understood. The person who is the target of the message is the receiver. He listens to the messages, decodes, attributes meanings to it and sends feedbacks to the sender depending on the meaning he attributes to the message.

This is why communication has been described as the process of generating and attributing meanings in an organization setting, nothing can be achieved without communication, because organization exists to accomplish goals that a single individual cannot tackle. It is then compulsory for interaction of all sorts to take place on organization.

Communication in organization is the transfer of information between manager and his staff. It is a necessary process in directing the efforts of others towards the achievement of results. If management entails getting things done through people, communication is the essence of it, for without effective communication no one would know what they are supposed to be doing, Nor would there be any basis for answering questions solving problems, obtaining feedback or measuring result.

Communication in management like other sphare of life is very vital. It is said that successful communication is the end to misunderstanding and aided by good morale, which could lead to increase in productivity and co-operation  among the managers and their workers.

It is imperatives to state that success or failure of any organization depends on how well effective communication is practiced. Some organisation are not developing due to ineffective communication process practiced.


Negotiations, discussions and conclusions are always taking place at all level of the organization among laborers at the lowers rank of the ladders, between superiors and subordinates, people on the levels and even at management level.


Communication is thus an essential part of organization setting because business operation would come to a half without it.


Organization development can be considered as an approval to the introduction of planned changed concentrating on the process of change, rather than the content. It involves a number of behavioral science techniques which are designed to build a more effective organization.

The concept aims to helps the organization gain an insight into its own process.

The increasing need for change led to development organization development, created by change.

a.Technology and labour skills

b.Attitudes of employee

c.Size of organization

d.Need to improve performance.

In developing the above statements, two of the processing does not require communication management. An “agent of change” is needed to get a catalyst. He may be from inside or outside the organization, without communication this cannot be possible. The aim is to help the company solve its own problems and focus is on organization at group and inter-personal process.


There has been an increase in the rate of industrial conflict today, low response from customer to organization output, low productivity, management of organization funds, production storage, delayed in raw materials supplies and supply of substandard quality raw material, due to ineffective communication process. The above mentioned problems can lead to total failure of such organization or set back for the organization.


This however, geared the researchers to take up the research work and let the reader know the result of effective communication in organization in organization settings.


The main objectives of this research work is to meet the requirement for the award of higher National Diploma (HND) in Business Administration. Also, since it is known that communication is the bedrock of any organization, the researchers has then take interest to study how communication as a means of enhancing organizational development. More so, it is to determine whether communication processes are effectively practiced as a case study of the project work INTERNATIONAL TOBACCO COMPANY (ITC), Ilorin. This will help a lot to know the value of communication in an organization setting.


Communication has always been and still is an important aspect of daily living. More than ever before, its importance is heightened by the fact that the whole world is more interrelated than in the past, due to the development of organization.

Most only thus, the amount of industrial unrest that is evident today underscores this point, besides the term generation gap signifies failure in communication between various age groups in the society.


Evidence all around us and our personal experience suggest that effective communication is not easy even though very desirable.


There are lots of communication principles used in most organization settings, but this research work will be restricted to communication variables, methods of communication and types of communication.


The researchers will especially cover manufacturing industry the researcher intended covering several organisation in different part of the country, especially manufacturing industries, but due to some constraints, which will be later.


The researchers have been limited to international Tobacco company, Ilorin Kwara state.

The findings from this case study will be used to present the organization of manufacturing industries in Nigeria.

The limitation of this study is not an easy task to undertake a research work in any field of human endeavour. Ours is not an explanation, such problems like finance, secrecy, the size of the establishment and time, have all contributed to the narrowed result.

  1. Finance: The researchers did not find it easy going from school to the case study center every time before they could get the title data and because the researchers were running shorts of funds, the visit could not be intensified
  1. Size of the establishment: the researchers only covered a branch of international Tobacco company out of many branches and head office. This is due to the fact that the head office is located in lagos cannot keep visiting, due to lack of adequate funds.
  1. Time: The time allocated for this research work is too short and coupled with other academic work which the researchers has to face, thereby reducing the researchers  work to minimum.


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