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Web–Based Staff Information System For Computer Science (Download Full Project)

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Download complete project materials on Web–Based Staff Information System For Computer Science (Download Full Project)  from chapter one to chapter five with references


This project “computerized staff information management system” is a way of keeping staff information electronically; the system when implemented will improve the performance of the existing one in the computer science department in such a way that it will be user friendly faster in execution and stress free. This system will be design and implemented using PHP, CSS and JAVA script for the design of the front-end interface and MYSQL for the design of the back-end (database).


Figure: 3.1  Use Case Diagram

Figure: 3.2  Login interface

Figure: 3.3  Staff registration interface

Figure: 3.4  Student Information

Figure: 4.1  Xampp setup

Figure: 4.2  Showing Login Page

Figure: 4.3  Home Page

Figure: 4.4  Academic staff information report

Figure: 4.5  Non-Academic staff information report

Figure: 4.6  Staff Registration

Figure: 4.7  Male report

Figure: 4.8  Female report



Table: 3.3.1  Login

Table: 3.3.2  Staff registration

Table: 3.5.1 Academic staff report

Table: 3.5.2  Non-academic staff report



         1.1    Background of Study

In past times, Information System at various level of education were been processed using paper and pen. Based on this fact, the staff information system department of many Institutions was not opportune or exposed, to exploit the use of various computer software packages and programs to process information. Using the computer system to manage staff information system is still not enough, but using an appropriate software package or program can go a long way in making the entire process less tedious and stress free. Web-based method of handling staff information is becoming widely used as the known old methods are becoming degenerated as time goes on.

As a result of recent changes and modernization in education, the need for a better, faster and more organized method of managing staff information in various institutions became necessary. This is due to the fact that some lapses were encountered while using the old methods of information system.

         1.2    Motivation

A clear and considerate look into complains relating to staff information, points to the way and manner staff information is been processed and how the database is been managed. As a result of this inconveniencies caused, staff data and information are been miss appropriated.

It is prior to this fact that we were motivated to come up with a more better and simpler method of managing staff information with a larger database, more security, user friendly and with a more attractive interface.

        1.3    Purpose of Study

The main purpose why we embarked on this particular project topic is basically as follows;

  • To ease searching a particular staff information.
  • To have a well organized staff information System.
  • To enable corrections and necessary updating of the staff information very easy.
  • To avoid lost of staff information.

         1.4    Expected Contribution to Knowledge

This research work will provide some significant solution to some of the short comings of the manual system in the computer science department.

          1.5     Scope of the Study

This research work will concentrate on design and implementation of student record management system of Computer Science Department (Kaduna polytechnic) as a case study. The system when developed will only cover registration of academic and non academic staff.


          1.6    Definition of Terms

Most of the notable terms encountered are defined as follows

  • Web Base: Is any program that can be accessed over a network using the web browser.
  • Data: Are facts and figures about people, machine, object, place etc which are unprocessed and as a results cannot be used for decision making.
  • Database: Is an organized collection of data files that responds to a variety of application in an organization.
  • Data Processing: Is the manipulation of raw facts by the computer system to obtain the desired results.
  • Record: This is made up of a collection of a number of related fields.
  • File: Is the collection of organized and logically related records.
  • Hardware: The computer hardware is made up of the physical components of the computer system.
  • Information: Information is simply processed data that can be used for meaningful decision making.
  • Programs: They are series of instructions or codes fed into the computer system to perform a specific task of solving problems.
  • System: Is a combination of interrelated element providing a high degree of coordination between the sub programs, to accomplish a specified task.
  • Software: Is a program or series of instructions that tells the computer what to do and how to accomplish a task.
  • Program Design: This comprises of the architectural frame work of the program or system to be implemented.
  • Content Management: This simply has to do with the constant editing, updating, upgrading and maintenance of the records in the database.
  • Administrator: Administrator simply refers to a person or body responsible for the maintenance of the software.
  • User: Users refers to those people that makes use of the software.

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