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Sourcing And Efficient Usage Of Funds As A Basis For Organizational Growth

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Statement of sources and efficient usage of funds has been receiving a great deal of attention recent years, and is now recognized as an essential part of the accounts published by the companies in their annual report.

The fundamental objective of any business organization is to maximize profit and minimize cost. Such profit made by company will enhance it growth and encourage investor. It is hope that these project work when apply to funding policy of a business organization will enhance both the profitability and growing concern of business.

The research work consists of one variable, which could be use has the basis of the study. This variable is sourcing and efficient usage of funds. This implies that business survival is dependent on how it sourcing it funds.

The population of this study is estimated to be the staff of A.S pure water company Kaura Namoda, the sample size of this work constituted the total number of the population which is seventeen (17).

The researcher intended to know how the company raise fund, what type of finance dose the company require and how adequate the company financing it decision.

The requirement of fund raising within an organization covers selection of suitable source of finance and procuring such funds. This project work have adequately been evaluated is expected to detect suitable source of fund which could be easily obtained and used efficiently to achieve the organization growth.

The researcher intended to know and show how A.S pure water company has proper internal control system that will enforce cost control should be implemented. And the company capital management system must be design in such away to include a plan to control all the operation of the organization in other to secure maximum profit from a minimum capital investment.

Title page                                                                                          Declaration
Approval page
Table of contents                                                                     xAbstract

1.0. Introduction
1.1. Historical background
1.2. Statement of the problem
1.3. Objective of the study
1.4 Research question
1.5 Research hypothesis
1.6 Significance of the study
1.7 Scope of the study
1.8 Limitation of the study
1.9 Definition of terms

2.0. Literature review
2.1. Factors that guide fund sourcing
2.2. Cost of capital
2.3. Sources of fund
2.4. Fund application and significance to organization growth
2.5. Organizations
2.6. Characteristic of organizations

3.0. Research methodology
3.1. Research design
3.2. Population of the study
3.3. Sample and sampling techniques
3.4 Instrument for data collection
3.5. Method of data collection
3.6. Method of data analysis

4.0. Presentation, Analysis, and Interpretation
4.1. Presentations of data
4.2. Data analysis
4.3. Testing of hypothesis
4.4. Summary of findings

5.0. Summary, Conclusions, and Recommendation
5.1. Summary
5.2. Conclusions
5.3. Recommendation



Financial management is concerned with raising funds in the most effective way so as to maintain an adequate cash flow and profit. That is in the accomplishment of the objective of the organization. The role of finance is to provide the manager with a framework for analyzing financial decision from the stand point of maximizing the individual welfare.

In most business organization, managerial goal and objective are sufficiency accomplished with the availability of a reasonable amount of funds required. Apart from such required resources, it is obvious to state that as a business organization to finance itself towards a development goal achievement it gets to a level where funds will be needed to be obtained for further growth so as to satisfy the investors’ interest and source adequate expansion for the organization concerned. A source of fund therefore is any increase in a liability account or a decrease in an asset account.

With reference to the aforementioned, the importance of a good financial management is giving more recognition every day.  Therefore, the highly completive environment in which business must operate requires logical frameworks for solving the immediate problems confronted in day to day operations.


A.S pure water is relatively a retail outlet, situated at Sabon-Gari, Kaura- Namoda along the main road leading to Gusau, the Zamfara state capital. It has a historical genesis from 1986 when it started whit sales of yards and wrappers but later metamorphosed in sales of ice block, which was usually brought from Gusau in the absence of NEPA then in Kaura-Namoda.

The owner Alhaji Abubakar Sadiq then has in his custody, two (2) coolers which he used in preserving the ice blocks. The location of the shop and the patronage of the business have now improved and enhance the outlet to a pure water production company with other service: like supply water with tank within Sabon-Gari are and the polytechnic community. The owner has installed a stand-by lisler generating plant to supplement the insufficient power failure in the area. This has immensely contributed to the success of the business.

A.S pure water is one of the leading pure water company in Kaura-Namoda with best performance with the production of service within the community which have make the company survive among others.

It also have relocated it factory from the formal location to the new build for more productive activities to be more effective in the organization, this located in Sabon-Gari.


It is basically factual to state that as a growing business organization continue to finance itself, it will get to a level where such self funding ability get out stripped by development. This will result into the need for more funds for continual growth.

The most important of research work is the adequate statement of the research problem. Despite the intricate involved in stating satisfactorily at a particular time the research problems, the ultimate desirability and necessity cannot be over emphasized. The following are research problem:

How best can funds be raised?
At what level should funds be raised?
And how best the raised funds should be efficiently applied?


The fundamental objective of any business organization is to maximize profit and minimize cost. Such profit made by a company will enhance its growth and encourage investors. In this research work therefore, the following are the scope objective of the study that the research work will entail.

  1. To examine the best and the cheapest way of raising this funds.
  2. To determine how a company can efficiently manage its working   capital as well as how adequate the company’s financing decision is?
  3. The last objective includes determining how excess working capital can be utilized or kept by the organization

It is hope that this project work when applied to funding policies of a business organization will enhance both the profitability and growing concern of business.


The research question has to do with the list of question ask the group of people especially to get fact about the topic concerned. These include the following:

  1. How does the company raise fund.
  2. Can source of fund at a low cost (interest) enhance organizational growth?
  3. Does any cheapest way of raising fund
  4. How adequate is the company’s financing it decision.


It is worth nothing that hypothesis provide direction to research and prevent the review of irrelevant literature and equally the collection of unnecessary or excessive data. In other word it spells the difference between precious and haphazardness.


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