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SEMINAL Design And Implementation Of Computerization Hostel Allocation Management System

Download complete project materials on SEMINAL Design And Implementation Of Computerization Hostel Allocation Management System from chapter one to chapter five with references


Hostel Management System creates an identity of the hostel for the institution. The system gives information on rooms, features of the hostel, as well as assigning booking rights to building managers and so on. The system makes it easy for boarders to scan through the updated profile of the hostels. It also clearly states the features, booking procedures and other basic details of the hostel. The new system will be implemented using a Visual Basic (Version 6.0) which serves as the frontend and Microsoft Access which is the database serves as the backend.


Beginning in the 1980s, a number of vendors began developing software system to manage paper-based documents. These systems dealt with paper documents, which include not only printed and published documents, but also photographs, prints etc. Later developers began to write a second type of system which could manage electric documents, i.e. all those document, or files, created on computers, and often store on users’ local file systems.

The earliest Electronics Document Management (EDM) systems managed either proprietary file types, or a limited number of files formats. Many of this system later became known as document imaging system, because they focused on the capture, storage, indexing and retrieval of image file formats.

These systems enabled an organization to capture faxes and forms, to save copies of the document as images, and to store the image files in the repository for security and quick retrieval (retrieval made possible because the system handled the extraction of the text from the document in the process of capture, and the text-indexer function provided text-retrieval capability). Mathieu, (2002).


  1. To create a system that will ease staffs burden of manually allocating hostel rooms to students and retrieval of entered information’s on time and meeting whatever deadline given in the case of registration of hostel.
  2. To properly organize the system to ensure flexibility to give the user the needed support.

iii.            To enhance easy modification in order to reflect necessary changes.


The scope of this project is limited to Kaduna Polytechnic hostel booking system, which covers the aspect of students login page, booking and reservation of the available hostel and room, as well as providing recovery plan for booking made.


This literature review would provide a study on the Polytechnic hostel student allocation system. Maxim (2010) said as technology become part of human life, there are so many applications that have been developed to make life easy.

Nowadays, many systems are developed to make the user feel at ease to do their work.

According to Marvish (2003). Institution allocation of hostel using manual method for student to apply for room should be discouraged and student welfare should be considered.

The system that we want to build is the Polytechnic Hostel Student Allocation System. This system is responsible to allocate rooms to the entire students that apply for hostel allocation based on their department and room selected.


Before the design or creation of a new system, certain measures or steps are taken to achieve the aim of the new system with user’s perspective. This is achieved by careful analysis of the organization; investigating the current mode of operation, organization structure and sequence of operations etc. as such, the importance of the analysis cannot be neglected.



During this project the researcher used so many various ways in sourcing for materials needed for the project gathered from various sources. In gathering and collecting necessary data and information needed for system analysis, methods adopted were:

  1. Primary Source

This refers to the source of collecting original data in which the researcher made use of empirical approach such as observation.

  1. Secondary Source

The secondary data were obtained by the researcher from Journal, Library source and Internet downloads. The data collected from these means have been covered in literature review in the chapter two of the project.

iii.     Oral Interview

This was done between the researcher and the management staff of the polytechnic. Also various unit heads were interviewed. Reliable facts were gotten based on the questions posed to the officers by the researcher.

  1. Study of Manuals

The Hostel allocation forms were gathered and information relating to Hostels and allocation fee and other requirements were also obtained.

  1. Summary of Finding

The polytechnic hostel allocation system is a manual one. This makes the system time consuming. Here, students have to visit all the hostel allocation office after payment have been made, student later cue up in the offices for hours, days sometimes weeks to submit forms attaching other require details with a duplicate form for signing and submission.

This process takes some months to be completed and poses a lot of stress to both staff and students involved. In The manual system, the hostel allocation forms are documented in a file cabinet. Each time the hostel allocation form is needed, a search operation is conducted on the file cabinets to locate a particular student’s hostel form.


The objective of the existing system is to enable student pay and make hostel reservation or booking at the starting of the semester. The hostel system is designed to help students make hostel reservation and obtain a hosting book printout.


The project work covered all the steps involved in designing a computerize Hostel booking System for Kaduna Polytechnic. The Student booking record Software is aimed at capturing the records of the student who made booking for various hostels, both male and female, with the help of the information gotten to be able to electronically manage hostel information and control irregularities in the hostel.

The methodology includes the consultation with the administrative department and interview conducted within the Kaduna Polytechnic and the hostel portals and the hostel unit. Other method of information generation adopted includes online record keeping gotten from the Internet, literatures from journal and websites.


The impact of computer and the advantages it presents in our world cannot be overemphasized. The researcher concludes that the research work was successful. Bearing in mind however, the scope and limitation of the subject matter of the research. The project will to some extend reduce the problems encountered during Hostel allocation process. This process is more interesting and interacting. The researcher however believes that the new system will reduce the challenges associated with the demanded performances due to its attractiveness and user friendly software.


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