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Rehabilitation Of Refrigerator And Ice Block Making Machine In The Heat Engine lab (Project download)

Download complete project materials on Rehabilitation Of Refrigerator And Ice Block Making Machine In The Heat Engine lab (Project download) from chapter one to five with reference


This project entails a two hundred and fifty (250L) refrigerator and ice block making machine incorporating approximately (16L) freezing compartment. It was rehabilited and performance tasted to strick cost with efficiency and performance as description of the components utilized. A key factor is to stick application of practical. Initiatives in rehabitating these ice block making machine and refrigerator.



Title page


Approval page



Abstract                                                                                                                                                                         vii

Table of contents


1.0     Introduction

1.1     The Development of Science

1.2     Statement of the Problem

1.3     Aims

1.3.1  Objective

1.4     Scope and limitation


2.0     Literature review of a deep freezer and a refrigeration system

2.1     History

2.2     Contribution to knowledge


3.1     Installing Compressor

3.2     Fixing the Expansion Valve

3.3     Installing the Filter /Drier

3.4     Electrical connection

3.5     Installing the Suction Line

3.6     Installing the Discharge Line

3.7     Materials Selection

3.8     Selection of Material

3.9     Construction Details


4.1     Testing and Results, Cost Analysis

4.2     Testing

4.3     Test Results

4.4     Cost Analysis



5.1     Conclusion

5.2     Recommendation




Refrigeration can be defined as the process that involves the removal of heat (i.e reduction and maintenance of space and material) below the temperature of the surroundings (Gwortet al 1988).

Water stored in earthen pot is generally cooler than that which is stared in glass bottles. Hence in our village, cold drinking water are stored in earthen pots. Evaporation taking to cool, and became ice block.

If a few of methylated spirit is dropped on the back of the hand, it feels cool as the spirit evaporate. The two observation demonstrate the cooling effect of evaporation (M.W. AYAKOHA et (1987//1989). Refrigeration could be employed for preservation / storage of food and medical or pharmaceutical vaccines. It is employed also for making the cubes i.e the deep freezer. Domestic refrigeration is used for preservation of food and other perishable commodities for many days without rotten or damaged.

Ice making has Marit over cold storage because ice is transported to remote areas and can be saved for it, uses in a day when there is no electricity or when the refrigerator is faulty.

1.1  The Development of Science

The development of science to a great extend has solved problem of food storage via the discovery of the refrigeration method, which ahs became a house hold needable equipment, the pre-method of storage of food such as smoking, drying, salting e.t.c. has given way to modern method (lemerman 1988).

1.2  Statement of the Problem

The problem of the systems is lack of efficient cooling due to some identified problems (fault) with the existing refrigerator and due to the damage of the capacitor and lack of cooking in the ice block maker, the project is an existing fabricated refrigerator and ice block and preserve food. It was decided to improve in it by rehabitating them in other to be able to preserve goods for a long period of time.

1.3 Aims

The aim of this project is to rehabitate obsolete ice block making machine and refrigerator, to obtain an efficient (optimized cooling efficiency) and cost effective (both at internal purchase and energy consumption) refrigerating unit.

1.3.1  Objective

  1. To  bring back obsolete refrigeration system to working condition.
  2. To learn much about practical aspect of refrigeration system

iii.  To achieve the cooling efficiency as targeted

  1. To produce ice block faster and preserve goods

1.4  Scope and limitation

The scope and limitation of this project is to rehabitate a refrigerator and ice block maker. It involves the installation of the necessary equipment i.e mounting of the compressor, capacitor, electrical stabilizer for the control of power supply to the units condenser and evaporator, aluminum sheet for lining the internal compartment of the freezer and a good external finishing.


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