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Prevalence Of Abortion Among Adolescents Girls In Nigeria

Download complete project materials   on Prevalence Of Abortion Among Adolescents Girls In Nigeria  from  chapter one to five with references


The study was designed to assess the prevalence of abortion among adolescent girl in Shaba ward of KADUNA SOURTH local GCVERNMENT area in Kaduna state. The study adopted a descriptive survey design and the area of the study is Shaba ward of Kaduna south local government area in Kaduna state the population of the 74,139 70 respondent were sample using simple random sampling. The instrument collection is a structured questionnaire designed to elicit information to answer the research question of the study. 

Data for the study were personally collected by the researcher and two trained research assistant. Percentage distribution table and mean employed to analyze the data. Based on the finding the following recommendation were made, government should make provision for more in-service opportunity for health workers, government and private agencies should jointly make investment in health for the provision of contraceptives, health education, and access to treatment for reproductive tract infection. Government should make provision for adequate empowerment program for the youth to be gainfully employed. 


Title page:





Table of content

List of Table:


Chapter One:


Back ground of the study

Statement of the problem

Purpose of the study

Significance of the study

Research question


Definition of term

Chapter Two:
Review of Related Literature


Unsafe abortion

Types of abortion

Causes of abortion among adolescent girl

Lack of education on safe sex

Drugs and alcohol

Lack of contraceptive

Sexual abuse

Socio economic factor

Medical causes of abortion

Effect of abortion

Physical effected abortion

Psychological of abortion

Emotional affected of abortion

Prevention diagnosis and management of abortion





Chapter Three:


Research design

Area of the study


Sample and sampling technique

Instrument for data collection

Validity of the instrument

Reliability of the instrument

Method for data collection

Method for data analysis

Chapter Four:

Data Presentation and Analysis

Date analysis

Research question analysis

Chapter Five:

Summary, Finding, Discussing, of Finding Implications

Recommendation and conclusion

Re-statement of the problem

Summary of procedure


Discussion of finding

Summary of finding

Implication of finding


Limitation of the study

Suggestion for further study







1.1 Background of the Study

This study seeks to assess the increase in mortality rate due to rampart cases of abortion in Shaba ward in Kaduna South Local Government Area, as well as the spread up sexual transmitted infection (STI) within the communities which can be prevented through adequate implementation of reproductive health services.

This chosen for the study is most popular and heterogeneous in nature. There are many reported and unreported cases of abortion among adolescent girls in the past report. Obiora (2009) point to abortion as one of the vices confronting our societies today and the effects are death and the spread of sexual transmitted infection (STI) what is abortion? Abortion can e defined as the interruption of pregnancy before the 28th weeks of gestation.

What causes it? Infection acute febrile condition such as influenza may cause death of the fetus and disease such as chronic nephritis, effect of drugs, the large doses necessary to induce abortion are poisonous. Endocrine dysfunction.

No convincing proof progesterone deficiency is the secondary effect of feto-placental damage. The effects of abortion according to family planning perspectives (1983) induced abortion have influence upon women from physical, psychological and emotional point of view. Types of abortion are treated abortion, inevitable abortion complete abortion, missed abortion.

The prevention effort include prompt diagnosis and treatment of complication by need or adolescents girls made more responsive to the need of adolescent girls and by improving access to and quality of care for them. Management of a labour there is health education, admission or the patient during labour, assessment of the patient, history of the past and present medical, the time of the unset, duration of frequency present of the show and general examination.

Abortion can be prevent through health education and poverty also his own contribution through the courses of abortion, lack of awareness, lack of adequate education, on safe sex, drug abuse, inadequate knowledge of contraceptive, sexual abuse and socio economic factors which largely effect the youth and the society at large are all contributing to abortion among adolescent girls.

In adequacies or awareness, skills and education on reproductive health are caused by problem from the adolescent girls. Parents, teachers, health workers and community leaders, health workers should be able to help adolescent girls to be better, informed about themselves and their disease, in conclusion adolescent girls have many function to play which may directly or indirectly affect health.


1.2 Statement of the Problem       

The background has shown that there is high rate of abortion among adolescent girls as well as the spread of STI in Shaba ward of Kaduna South Local Government Area due to increases in number of abortions (Adeyanju and Amama 1999) point ignorance unskilled health workers and lack of appropriate home trainings as some of the major factors that lead to increase in number or abortion.

Never the less information has not been elicited based on empirical study to confirm that parent predominantly have a hand in the cases of abortion among their children/wards, the issues which arised for this study is the prevalence of abortion among adolescent girls in the study area.


1.3 Purpose of the Study

This study will identify prevalence of abortion among adolescent girls in Shaba ward of Kaduna south local government area of Kaduna state, specifically the study will

  1. Investigate the prevalence of abortion among adolescent girls in the study.
  2. Identify courses and effects of abortion among adolescent girls.

iii. To be able to educate the entire community on the cause and effects of this practices.

  1. Identify the role of individuals, community leaders, mothers and health workers in controlling the problems.


 1.4 Significance of the Study

When strategies to be adopted for controlling the prevalence abortion among adolescent girls and identical health workers, community and parent may adopt and integrate such strategies in planning adequate programmes, the finding of the study will enable these concerned that is parent, health workers, and community to know and understand their roles and participate effectively in preventing and eradicating the manace of abortion among adolescent girls.

It is also hope that school is one of the agents that will be able to use it in the library for the benefit of the student most especially in research work.

  • Parent: will benefit if the girls grow up and she is well educated. She will be useful to the parent by taking care of the entire family most especially when the parent becomes old.
  • Health workers: if the girl being a health worker she will also help others in time of health care delivery.
  •  Community: the community will benefit from the girls if she is well responsible educated within the community.

1.5   Research Question

The research question that may arise from the purpose in the area of study are;

  1. What is the prevalence of abortion among adolescent girls in the area of study?
  2. What are the causes and effect of abortion among adolescent girls?

iii. What are the measures to be adopted in educating the community on the danger of abortion?

  1. What are the roles of individuals community leaders, parent, health workers, play in preventing the menace of abortion among adolescent girls?

1.6 Delimitation of the Study

The research will investigate the prevalence of abortion among adolescent girls within the shaba ward of Kaduna south local government area of Kaduna state.


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