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Design And Construction Of Yam Pounding Machine ( Download Project)

The yam pounding machine was designed and constructed from locally available materials for processing yam tuber. Yam is a daily nutritional food requirement for man and in order to facilitate the processing of yam for consumption, a yam pounding machine was developed. The machine was developed to enhance the hygienic processing of yam for both domestic and commercial consumption, while eliminating the tedious and laborious indigenous process of preparing pounded yam. The yam pounding machine can effectively pound 2kg of yam tuber. It took maximum of ten(10) minutes to pound the yam, the machine consists of 1 Hp electric motor, pulleys, belt, stainless steel pot, stainless steel blade, indicator light, ON/OFF switch and mild steel body frame, which houses the components listed. The overall efficiency of the machine is 67 percent.

Cover page           
Title page           
Approval page    
Table of content   

1.0       Introduction                   
1.1     Statement of problem    
1.2     Significance of the project       
1.3     Aim of the project                   
1.4     Objectives  
2.0  Literature Review          
2.1 Types of yam pounding machines    
2.1.1 Standard home size        
2.1.2  Advantages of standard home size    
2.1.3  Disadvantages of standard home size                  
2.1.4  Problems    
2.1.5  Industrial capacity size            
2.1.6  Single industrial capacity size        
2.1.7  Advantages of single industrial capacity size                 
2.1.8  Disadvantages of single industrial capacity size   
2.1.9  Dual industrial capacity size             
2.1.10 Advantages of dual industrial capacity size              
2.1.11 Disadvantages of dual industrial capacity size         
2.2     Types of pounding processes  
2.3     How to use yam pounding machine           
2.4     Summary             
2.5     Conclusion           

3.0     Methodology       
3.1     Calculation           
3.1.1  Mechanical efficiency             
3.2     Design consideration               
3.3     Material selection           
3.4     Construction/sequence processes      
3.4.1  Material selection          
3.4.2  Measurement       
3.4.3  Cutting       
3.4.4  Joining and assembling process                  
3.4.5  Painting/sealing            
3.5     Components   
3.6     Testing      
4.0     Results      
4.1     Methods used in testing the machine                 
4.2     Result analysis   
4.3     Material cost         
4.4     Labour cost          
4.4.1 Direct labour cost                                                                                   
4.4.2  Indirect labour cost        
4.5     Maintenance         
4.6     Machine specifications             
4.7     Method of assembly/construction   
4.8     Procurement of the material:   
4.9     Safety precaution 
5.0     Summary, Conclusion and Recommendation
5.1     Summary    
5.2     Conclusion 
5.3     Recommendation 

         1.0 INTRODUCTION
Yam pounding machine is a machine that is designed to perform the task of converting boiled yam into pounded yam. A boiled yam is poured into the pounding chamber and covered, then electric current is supplied which powers the induction motor to transmit the motion to the pounding blade for pounding the yam. This yam pounding machine helps to take over the manual pounding operations mostly used in various homes, which involves the use of mortar, pestle and human efforts. The machine is now designed to do the pounding operation using less than 10 minutes for the pounding.
The various motions involved in the pounding are:

Direct pounding which normally crushes the yam to the parent particles, squeezing, summersaulting and finally crushing.
         1.1     STATEMENT OF PROBLEM
Over the years, man have been facing the problem of yam pounding operation and this has resulted into pounding yam using bare hands through the  help of mortar and pestle. This process is time consuming and less efficient as a result, many families who do not know how to pound yam end up not eating pounded yam. Also the physically challenged and older people cannot afford to pound yam because they do not possess the strength that is used in manual pounding.
This machine will play a very important role in yam pounding operation as it helps to reduce stress, human effort and time. This can also help the physically challenged people to be able to pound yam using the machine, the sick ones too can be able to use it for pounding, older people too without strength can also use the machine for pounding yam and finally a child of age ranging between 5 – 7 can also use the machine for pounding yam without effort. The machine can pound for a family of minimum two (2) to maximum of six (6) people as a standard home size yam pounding machine.

           1.3 AIM O F THE PROJECT
The aim of this project includes the following:
1. To improve yam pounding operations in homes
2.  To reduce human effort that is used in yam pounding operation      when using mortar and pestle.
            1.4  OBJECTIVES
The main objective of this project is to design and construct a yam pounding machine for a family of six (6).


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