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Computerization Of The Accounting System Of The Department Of Computer Science’s Cooperative Society

The concept of automation has been variously applied in most computing fields. This involves utilization of computing or electronic devices to undertake the tasks that are being handled by people. It is a pertinent factor in a profitable and soundly run financial institution. Financial transaction through manual system of operation are prone to errors and unimagined complexities, making it so difficult a task maintaining all entries of users account, search records of activities, handle loan deduction errors and generate reports.
Computers running automated systems are targeted towards eradicating the menace hence making the underlying activities efficient and providing the fast response to records, eradicate human error and inaccuracy.


Title Page                                     
Approval page 
Table of content 

1.0      Background of the study
1.1      Motivation
1.2      Aims and Objectives
1.3      Methodology
1.3.1   Data Collection Method
1.3.2   Source of Data
1.4      The scope of the project
1.5      Expected contribution to knowledge

           Literature Review
2.0      Preamble 
2.1      Review of the existing system
2.1.1   Problem of the existing system
2.1.2   Description of the proposed system
2.2       Type of cooperative organization
2.3      Organization chart of Kaduna polytechnic
2.4      How Co-Operative Started In Nigeria  

           Methodology and Design
3.0      Preamble
3.1      Method of data collection
3.1.1   Personal interview
3.1.2   Documentation method
3.2      System modeling
3.2.1   Class diagram
3.2.2   Use case diagram
3.2.3   Activity diagram
3.3      Input specification
3.4      Output specification
3.5      System requirement
3.5.1   Hardware requirement
3.5.2   Software requirement
3.6       Choice of programming language

           Systems implementation Evaluation
4.1      Preamble
4.2      System Implementation
4.3      System Testing and Evaluation
4.4      System Change-over
4.5      Security Measures
4.6      Program Sample Output
4.6.1   Login page
4.6.2   Main menu
4.6.3   Staff data page
4.6.4   Service registration form
4.6.5   Approve information form

5.1      Summary
5.2      Conclusion
5.3      Recommendations


1.0              BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY
Co-operative societies are part of the aim of government, they are nurtured by the government, the government believes that through co-operative societies that the standard of living of the masses will improve.  They are meant to enhance the economic and social wellbeing of the populace as this will help to record economic growth and subsequent development, that is why the government sponsor and run some of the activities of co-operative societies.  For instance the government employ co-operative field staff to disseminate the gospel of co-operation, to nurture co-operative by giving them directive and prepare them for registration and also to audit the account of co-operative societies.

To design a well-integrated database that will accommodate the varieties of Records processing and generate accurate and timely report for the Management usage.  To analyze and review the existing system to determine the problem Associated with the current method of account system records keeping and way of solving them.
       i. To identify and disclose whether adequate accounting records are maintained in co-operative societies.
      ii.  To determine the impact of the present level of accounting records on the profitability and viability of the co-operative societies.
     iii.  To offer possible recommendation that would enhance the utility of accounting record kept in a co-operative society.

      1.3       METHODOLOGY
      1.3.1    Date Collection Method
Every report must have a source from which it derives information.  There is need to know how to seek out facts.

Checking and verification of fact obtained and finally evaluate all the gathered facts including the ones already had.

Gathering data quickly and efficiently can be done through members.  After data has been collected through these methods the things to do it to select those items which come within the scope of the topic in question and then arrange the material in a definite order.

For the purpose of this project work the research method was chosen for gathering information.
            1.3.2    Sources of Data
As a research one has to base his/her method of data collection on one or two sources out of many available to the researcher as it relates to his/her field of work.  Generally these sources are grouped into two.  This is primary and secondary sources.

a. Primary Sources of Data: entail those areas, environment, aids of which raw data are obtained to be processed or documented in the field of study of the researcher.
i.  Field Work: This is precisely the case study to which the researcher bases his research project on it could be an organization.
ii. Environment:  This relates to the area vicinity, location geographical or economical of which the researchers obtain his decisions opinions, idea, answer and judgment to the question on round.  But for the purpose of this research work the research would base their primary source on the following: 

Field: In this project our field related to the co-operative organization precisely Kaduna Polytechnic co-operative organization one out of the numerous co-operative organization in Nigeria
Environment:  for the purpose of this research work, we are dealing with the Kaduna Polytechnic co-operative organization.  Therefore information gotten or obtained from this location will be of good assistance.
Also inclusive in the organization are:
i.The Computer department
ii.Stores (Administrative department)
b. Secondary sources of data: These also are aids, guides demand of which already processed data are found.  It affords a researcher the knowledge of other researchers about the topic concerned.
           1. Internal Sources; Data generated within the organization in question such as files, financial      statement, the annual report of the organization and records.
           2. External sources: Data generated outside the organization in question example includes:
            i. Text books, jotted notes, encyclopedia, dictionaries
            ii. Journals, magazines, gazette and newspaper
But for the purpose of the research work the researcher will base secondary source of data on the following:
i. Financial Statement (Account Report precisely for the past 6 years to date i.e. of the co-operating organization for the department of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science.
ii. Files, record of the financial institution.
This study will take into consideration the nature and operation of the accounting system and internal control system of registered co-operatives in the department of Maths, Statistics and Computer Science Kaduna Polytechnic.
The registered co-operative societies by virtue of their registration are believed to measured up to standard.  Hence project look critically on the inaccuracy in manual processing and embarked on computer which is known for accuracy which is good to solve the problem.
The study will be of immense benefit to the co-operative, students and the government.
i. To co-operators, the study will help them to formulate a proper and better accounting system that will help in the growth and the realization of the goal and objective of co-operative societies.
ii. To the student and public it will serve as a research literature in accountancy and co-operative department who may decide to further research this topic.
iii.To the government the study will serve as a guide to policy making as regards to co-operative societies and also structuring laws and rules for co-operative society.

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Details Of The Full Project             
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  Chapter 1 - 5

     Account Details
     Bank: GTbank
     Name: Uthman Saheed
     Acc No: 0022235647 

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