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An Assessment Of The Performance Of Tour Package And Travel Operation Of NTDC

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This project work dwells on the assessments of the performance of the tour package and travel operations of Nigeria Tourism Development Corporation  the main objectives of the study is to known the nature of tourism product and business of Nigeria Tourism Development Corporation  the significance of transportation in the achievement of tour operation objective and to examine the smooth operation of tour package and travel operation of Nigeria Tourism Development Corporation  so that proffer solution are provided sources used in collecting data include historical and  survey method. The methods adopted include questionnaires administered, the finding also revealed that current facilities of Nigeria Tourism Development Corporation do not meet the requirement of operating a package tour, and Tour Package Travel requires separate office accommodation for better performance.

The findings also revealed that transport is the necessary pre-condition of tourism. The research work revealed that poor affair, interference in the activities of the Tour Package Travel and failure of operators and policy makers to appreciate the great potential of tourism are factors militating against the development of Nigeria tourism sector. Inadequate tourism awareness, the ignorance of the socio-economic benefits derived from travel and tourism and inadequate professional manpower are issues that are critical to the smooth operation of tour package and travel operation by Nigeria Tourism Development Corporation.

The project recommends among others that, Nigeria Tourism Development Corporation as the apex tourism agency should create enabling environment for tourism activities to flourish. Nigeria Tourism Development Corporation should give Tour Package Travel a helping hand to diversify her operation. There is an immediate need for the Nigeria Tourism Development Corporation to go into an extensive marketing research to identify the potential needs of both international and domestic tourists. Government and Nigeria Tourism Development Corporation in particular should exploit the tourism endowment the country has so that Nigeria can compete favorably with any international tourist centre.


Title page


Approval page




Table of content


1.1 Background of the Study

1.2 Statement of research problem

1.3 Aim and objectives

1.4 Significance of the study

1.5 Scope of the study

1.6 Research question


2.1 Introduction

2.2.The nature of product and business of tour package and

Travel of Nigeria Tourism Development Corporation

2.2.1 Attraction

2.2.2  The nature of attraction

2.2.3 Entertainment

2.2.4 Accessibility

2.2.5 Accommodation

2.3 Roles of tourism product in the achievement of tour operation

2.3.1 Exclusive membership

2.3.2 The level of awareness created

2.3.3 Financial security

2.3.4 Accurate brochures and website

2.3.5 Professional service and continual improvement

2.3.6 Monitoring standard

2.3.7 Responsible tourism

2.3.8 Customer relation

2.4 Assessing the performance of tour package and travel

2.4.1 New steps toward safety and security

2.4.2 Improving financial engagement

2.4.3 Provision of tourist amenities

2.4.4 Private sector participation

2.4.5 Telecommunication

2.5   To examine the factors militating against the smooth operation of tour package and travel

2.5.1 Amendment of booking by tourist

2.5.2 Transfer from one tour to another

2.5.3 The holiday price includes and excludes

2.5.4 Foreign exchange

2.5.6 Rate of exchange applicable to refunds

2.3Summary of review of related literature


3.0 Introduction

3.1 Research Design

3.2 Area of the study

3.3 Population of the study

3.4 Sample size and sample techniques

3.5 Instrument for Data Collection

3.6 Validity of the instrument

3.7 Reliability of the instrument

3.8 Method of data connection

3.9 Method of data analysis


4.0 Introduction

4.1 presentation and interpretation of data

4.2 discussion based on findings


5.0 Summary of finding, recommendation and conclusion

5.1 Summary of Finding

5.2 conclusion

5.3 Implication of the study

5.4 Limitation of the study

5.5 Recommendation

5.6 Suggestion for further study





1.1 Background of the Study

Travel has existed since the beginning of time when primitive man set out, often traversing great distances, in search of game which provided food, clothing necessary for the survival. Throughout the course of history, people have travelled for purpose of trade religious conviction; economic gain war migration and other equally can pelling motivations. In roman era, wealthy aristocrats, and high government officials also travelled for pleasure. Seaside resort located at Pompeii and Herculaneum afforded citizens the opportunity to escape to their vocation villas in order to avoid the summer heat of Rome, travel except during the dark age has continued to grow and throughout recorded history, it has played a vital role in the development of civilization.

Tourism as we know it today is distinctly a twentieth century phenomenon. Historian suggests that the advert of mass tourism began in England during industrial revolution with the rise of middle class and relatively in expensive transportation. The growth led to the development of a major new industry, tourism in turn international tourism become the concern of a number of world government, since it not only provided new employment opportunities, but it also produced a means of earning foreign exchange.

Tourism today has growth significantly in both economic and social importance. The fastest growing economic sector of most industrialized counties over the past several year has been in the area of service one of the largest segment of the service industry, although largely unrecognized as an entity in some of these countries is travel and tourism council (1992) `travel and tourism is the largest industry in the world on virtually any economic measure including, cross output, value, added capital investment and tax contribution.

The significant of tourism has been recognized in both developed and developing countries. This can be seen in the establishment and sponsorship of tourism development and the proliferation of small business and multinational corporations contributing to deriving benefit from the tourism industry.

Once the exclusive province of the wealthy travel and tourism have become an institutionalized way of life for life most of the world middle class population. In fact, McIntosh and Goeldner,(1990) suggest that tourism has become largest commodity in international trade for many world nations, and for a significant number of other countries it rank second or third. E.g. tourism is the major source of income in Bermuda, Greece, Italy Spain, Switzerland, and most of the Caribbean countries. In addition, Hawkins and Ritchie, (1991) quoted from data published by the American express company, suggest that travel and tourism industry is the number one rankled employer in Australia, Bahamas, brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Honk-Kong, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Singapore, united kingdom, and united state of American.

Furthermore, the major problems of the travel and tourism industry that have hidden or obscured its economic impact are the diversity and fragmentation of the industry itself. The travel industry include the following, hotel, motels, and other types of accommodation, restaurant and other food service, transportation services and facilities, amusement, attraction and other leisure facilities, gift shop, and large number of other enterprise. Since many of these businesses also serve local residents, the impact of spending by visitors can be over looked or underestimated.

Therefore travel can be said to be the movement of people and their goods and services from their normal places of resident to another for the purpose of engaging in other activities such as leisure, business etc

However, the nature of this very diversity makes travel and tourism ideal vehicles for economic development in a wide variety of countries region or communities.

1.2 Statement of the Problem

Travel is an expensive item in any family budget and some simply consist consider it a priority. Even when cost is not a factor, many people hesitate to give up their annual vacation, its Believe that person residency in rural area are likely to travel than persons residing in more urban centuries. This is because rural dwellers make less frequent use of the services of travel profess winds.

Often this segment of the population explores the unique sites and enjoy the recreation opportunities are close to their home. To many, the through travelling out of their area create anxiety or fear our what new experience will bring most people have phobia to travel the old earo-phobia in the particular. Most take to heart the old America adage `the is no place like home.

The criteria use to assess the performance of NTDC include the following questionnaire, interview and primary, secondary and physical survey and in these method the current facilities of NTDC are found out not to meet requirement of operating a package tour. While Nigeria is blessed with a lot of tourism endowment, we should not over look the large segment of population that has no yet discovered the flora and fauna outside their familiar surroundings.

The Nigeria tourism development corporation (NTDC) as the apex tourism agency in the nation, which is responsible of creating enabling environment for the tourism activities to flourish through the promotion of good standard, effective and efficient transport system and service delivery in the hospitality and tourism industry and facilitating investment in the sector, is yet to measure up to expectation.

Inadequate awareness on the legislation guiding the establishment of NTDC in adequate awareness to participant in leisure travels and recreation which involve the need for transportation are some of the issues that concern tourism development.

The ignorance of the socio-economic benefit derived from travel and tourism and inadequate professional man-power in this tourism sub-sector to guide, identify and spell out ways packages tours for either individuals or infirmity group are issues the highlight needed to identify critical element of a much needed storage to make operation and travel in the country, and to examine critically the role of the department of TPT(travel, package and tour) in the corporation.

Lack of good operation environment coupled with insufficient and befitting office accommodation strategically located with enough parking space (arrival and departure)souvenir shop, ladies lock room, public convenient and waiting room are some of the factor that could deter the progress of any tour operating agency. The absence of functional offices, ticketing information or care centre, out shuttle service, computerized information, ATM service and types of vehicle facilities in any travel and agency, renders such travel agency unless.

1.3 Objectives of the Study

The objective of the study are;

  1. To identify the nature of product and business of tour package and travel of Nigeria tourism development corporation.
  2. To assess the role of tourism product in the achievement of tour operation objective of Nigeria tourism development corporation
  3. To assess the performance of tour package and travel operation of Nigeria tourism development corporation in term of the level and quality of its product and service to tourist.
  4. To examine the factors militating against the smooth operation of tour package and travel s by Nigeria tourism development corporation

            1.4  Significance of the Study


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