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An Assessment Of The Impact Of Welfare Scheme On The Productivity Level Of Nigeria Tourism Development Corporation Staff


This research work focuses on an assessment of the impact of welfare scheme on the productivity level of Nigeria Tourism Development Corporation staff. This work dwells on the following objectives of the study which are the current welfare scheme on ground in Nigeria tourism development corporation, to determine how to improve existing staff welfare scheme, the problems associated with staff welfare scheme. The researcher work employs the use of historical and survey method. Historical design takes a critical review of past works relating to the topic under discussion.

The survey research method was employed through the use of  structured questionnaire as instrument for data collection through the analysis of questionnaire,120 questionnaire were administered 80 were retrieved. findings reveals that the current welfare schemes on ground have motivated the staff, improving existing staff welfare such as equipping the canteen. Therefore this work recommends that welfare department should be established to facilitate welfare programmes, dialogue should be embarked on so that the staff are well informed of adequate management on the provision and implementation of welfare packages. In conclusion the management of the corporation should try to fashion out motivational, recreational, educational schemes to boost the level of productivity of the staff.


Title page


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Table of content


1.1     Background of the Study

1.2     Statement of research problem

1.3     Aim and objectives

1.4     Significance of the study

1.5     Scope of the study

1.6     Research question


2.1 Subject review

2.2 Welfare Scheme

2.3     The Impact of welfare scheme

2.4     The mission statement of NTDC

2.5     The effect of inadequate welfare scheme

2.6     The various causes and sources of problem of welfare package

in the corporation

2.7     The various causes and sources of problem of welfare package in

The corporation

2.8     Factors hindering the progress of staff welfare in NTDC

2.9     The enhancement of welfare scheme to improve performance

2.3     Summary of review of related literature


3.1     Research Design

3.2     Area of the study

3.3     Population of the study

3.4     Sample size and sample techniques

3.5     Instrument for Data Collection

3.6     Validity of the instrument

3.7     Reliability of the instrument

3.8     Method of data connection

3.9     Method of data analysis


4.1     presentation and interpretation of data

4.2     discussion based on data presented


5.1     Summary of Finding

5.2     Implication of the study

5.3     Limitation of the study

5.4     Recommendation

5.5     Suggestion for further study

5.6     Conclusion





1.1     Background of the Study

An organization is a major or collective set-up to purpose by means of a formal structure. It is a human tool of extra ordinary versatility; it is not an abstract entity that constitutes the work for organization cannot exist in the absence of human capital that is directly responsible for the day to day operation of that entity known as organization (Fashoyin 2009).

Welfare scheme are packages that enhances the productivity of personnel in organization thus it is about bringing happiness healthiness and prosperity to its staff and in return enhance the productivity of an organization such as NTDC (Yahaya, 2010).

In  line with  Fashoyin, Yahaya  (2010)  stated that if an organization  whether public or private is to produce good and  service in order to achieve  its goals and  objectives  it  must  have  the best staff welfare scheme. staff welfare scheme are put on ground to manage all activities  efficiently  and  effectively for an organization to get employees to achieve organizational objectives.

Welfare scheme refers to the factors that stimulate staff to action so as perform optimally in their design task. Looking at the above statement, it can be seen that staff need certain incentives that will encourage them to high productivity. The purpose of this study therefore, is to look at the place of welfare scheme on the staff of Nigeria tourism development corporation (NTDC). Welfare scheme has been described as benefit accruing to staff and family in order to enhance productivity.

The following are example of welfare scheme that will strongly influence productivity in NTDC. Economic welfare scheme such as Life insurance, pension, gratuity, annual leave pay bonus; Medical welfare scheme such as clinic, home and abroad sick leave; Recreational welfare scheme such as games, sporting facilities, canteen, transportation(staff  bus); Educational welfare scheme such as library, professional association(membership) studying ; Housing welfare scheme such as staff quarter (Yoder, 2010).

NTDC is not an exception as regard these management principles. The management  must therefore adopt the best way of motivating its employees from the above mentioned staff welfare scheme package so that they can be productive in their activities.

            1.2  Statement of the Problem

Productivity in NTDC has crumbled for quite a while due to inadequate facilities which have hindered optimum ultization of human resources.

Notable among these problems are inadequate economic welfare scheme medical welfare scheme, educational welfare scheme, medical welfare scheme, to mention a few. Therefore the research work is aimed at bringing out the

necessities of staff welfare scheme to productivity.

      1.3 Objective of the Study

                The objectives of the study include:

  1. To examine the welfare scheme currently on ground in NTDC.
  2. To determine how to improve existing staff welfare scheme in NTDC.
  3. To examine the problem associated with staff welfare scheme in NTDC


1.4 Significance of the Study

This research work is significant because it would be useful to the public and private sector on how to go about in assessing the impact of welfare scheme on the   productivity level of the NTDC staff. It will be a good materials to tourism student, historians and the stake holder who may want to know how welfare scheme is been conducted in product level.

          1.5 Scope of the Study

This study has examine the impact of staff  welfare scheme on productivity the welfare scheme on productivity in the NTDC staff in terms of  available welfare scheme.

This research work has covered areas such as the level of the impact the impact welfare scheme has on the staff productivity the motivating


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