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Nature Of Unilag Post UTME, Past Questions And Cut Off Marks

Unilag Post UTME Past Questions And Answers In PDF ,  Unilag Post UTME Cut Off Marks,  Numbers Of Questions In Unilag Post UTME,  So What Is Unilag Cut Off Marks?,  When Is 2016/2017 Unilag Post UTME Form Coming Up?

For those who are keen to know the nature of  Unilag Post UTME. I will briefly discussed what is contain or what you are to be expected in the forthcoming Unilag post UTME.  Therefore, your questions such as, when is Unilag post UTME for 2016/2017 form coming out on sale and what are the cut off marks to participate in Unilag post UTME would be answered as detailed as possible with this post.

So What Is Unilag Cut Off Marks?
Though for 2016/2017 admission exercise, Unilag is yet to release its UTME cut off marks. But usually, the minimum cut off mark in Unilag is always 200 marks. In case you did not scored up to 200 in the last UTME exam, its saver to obtain change of institution form as soon as possible.
When Is 2016/2017 Unilag Post UTME Form Coming Up?
Only the University has the exclusive right to announce to the public the date for its pre admission screening exam. Though as at this date, Unilag post utme is yet to be out. So try as much as possible to update yourself with Unilag website. Or check here, as we will bring it to your notice when Unilag post UTME form is on sale.
Though, Unilag Post UTME is usually around August.
Then What Is The Nature of Unilag Post UTME?
This is another important question Unilag applicants always want answer to. Unilag post UTME is one of the simplex post UTME in Nigeria as it is very straight forward and if you followed the normal procedures, getting admission into University of Lagos would be found so easy.
In Unilag post UTME, you would be required to write three subjects which are English, Mathematics and General studies.
I know you are scared because you just heard mathematics. You don’t have to be, the mathematics are not really too serious ones that you can’t pass. They are so designed in such away that, even if you were an art students in your secondary school, you can still pass it.
Just try as much as possible to study, expansion, indices, mean, median, mode, percentages and fractions and little mathematical word problems. That’s all. Simple right? Hmmmm.
For the English Language, just be familiar and work hard on synonyms and antonyms. Fill in the gap, concord and idioms. Is that not simple enough? And the general questions would go around the schools, politics outside Nigeria and within and some other little common thing every serious minded person should know. So don’t be scared.
Numbers Of Questions In Unilag Post UTME
Even though you don’t ask me what are the numbers of questions in Unilag post UTME with the time allowed, it is necessary I told you because this post would be seen as incomplete without mentioning it.
Unilag post UTME is 40questions and to be answered in 30 minutes. Less than 1minute for each question. So get to be fast. Be accurate, determined and be prayerful.
Unilag Post UTME Cut Off Marks
This is not strange in the procedures of the university’s admission process. Once the post UTMe has been conducted, the school authority will  release the post UTME cut off marks for Unilag. This will enable all applicant know their stands.
In case you did not meet up with the cut off marks of the course you applied with meet up with that of another courses closely related to your Jamb combination and SSCE result, then you can obtain change of course form, which will enable you get admission into another departments.
The availability of the form would be announced as soon as the school is ready after releasing all post UTME’s results.

I Hope this helps?
Nature of UNILAG Post UTME Examination . The utme total mark is 400 and
also the post utme total mark is 40. To get one’s aggregate, your utme
score is divided by 8 and then your post utme score is multiplied by

How to Get the UNILAG Admission cut of point

If one gets 250 in utme, the person divides the 250 by 8 to get his/her score over 50, I.e 250/8=31.25,
therefore the person scored 31.25/50 in his utme. And if one gets 30/40 in the post utme, the person should
multiply his score by 1.25 to get his/ her score over 50, therefore if
the person got 30, his score over 50 is 30*1.5=37.5 which means the
person got 31.5 in his utme and 37.5 in his post utme, the addition of
scores would give you your aggregate.
The person’s aggregate over 100 is 31.5+37.5=69% which is his/her score. I hope you now know how to calculate
your aggregate. Ok let’s move to another important aspect which is the examination proper and the

what subjects are we writing in UNILAG post utme?

2) People have been asking; what subjects are we writing in our post utme? Is it tough? How does it look
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