Friday, 1 April 2016

List Of Courses Offered In Federal University Of Agriculture Makurdi

List Of Courses Offered And Departments In Federal University Of Agriculture Makurdi
Federal university of Agriculture Makurdi is one of the top most Agriculture Universities in Nigeria. It may interest you to want to know the list of courses offer, through both Jamb and direct entry into Fuam. Therefore, you will find this list handy, if you are planning to apply as a direct entry student, or you want to obtain change of course form to University of Agriculture Makurdi.

All the faculty/ departments courses in federal University of Agriculture Makurdi are listed below:
  1. Accountancy/Accounting
  2. Agricultural Economics and Extension
  3. Agricultural Economics and Farm Management
  4. Agricultural Engineering
  5. Agricultural Science and Education
  6. Agriculture
  7. Animal Science
  8. Banking and Finance
  9. Biochemistry
  10. Botany
  11. Chemistry
  12. Civil Engineering
  13. Computer Science
  14. Crop And Environmental Protection
  15. Crop Production
  16. Education and Biology

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  17. Education and Chemistry
  18. Education and Physics
  19. Electrical/Electronic Engineering
  20. Fisheries
  21. Fisheries and Aquaculture
  22. Food Science And Technology
  23. Forestry
  24. Home Science and Management
  25. Industrial Physics
  26. Marketing
  27. Mathematics/Computer Science
  28. Mathematics/Computer Science Education
  29. Mechanical Engineering
  30. Microbiology
  31. Physics
  32. Plant Breeding And Seed Science
  33. Science Education
  34. Soil Science
  35. Statistics and Computer Science
  36. Statistics Education
  37. Statistics/Computer Science Education
  38. Veterinary Medicine
  39. Veterinary Science
  40. Zoology
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  1. Please do this university of agric have direct ND FOrm?

    1. Direct entry or direct ND? Don't understand sir

  2. Odeh victory orakor7 November 2016 at 04:31

    Presently am in benue state uni but i want 2switch ova 2uni agri mkd pls how do i go abt it?

  3. Odeh victory orakor7 November 2016 at 04:33

    Presently am in benue state uni but i want 2switch 2uni agric mkd. Pls how do i go abt it?

    1. Only few universities in Nigeria allowed transfer.

  4. someone who applied in uni agric in her second choice can she be allowed to go for the screening?

  5. can someone apply with an ijmb result?

  6. what subject should someone register in jamb for computer science

  7. Pls,wat z the cut-off mark 4 uni agric,an ar dey offering biochemistry?

  8. Enter your comment...does FUAM required transcript for direct entry students

  9. Pls what is the cut-off mark for university of agriculture makurdi, that offering food science and technology?

  10. is it true that entrepreneur
    is still accepted in the university and not among the scrap course


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