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Jamb Direct Entry/NYSC Regularization Meaning, Procedures And Deadline

I just felt this is the right time to talk about this once and for all, since most of this year prospective direct entry applicants keep asking for what is the meaning of Jamb regularization, jamb regularization deadline, jamb regularization fee and how to get jamb regularization number. Since this is new to most people, I will use this post to discuss all about regularization.

Before last year, there was nothing like Jamb regularization.

Then, if you are a direct entry applicant then, all you need to do is to obtain your DE form from Jamb office and fill the form appropriately. You don't even need to go to cafe because you can do it with your phone since there was no biometric.

Now the story has completely changed. Direct  entry registration has became more tough. Jamb has introduced Biometric capturing and Jamb regularization.

So What Is Jamb Regularization?

The only question that will come to your mind when you heard of this phrase is ''What is Jamb regularization?
This simply means reconciliation of your OND/ND/NCE/HND admission between your institution and Jamb. I hope you understand what I mean? In case you don't, let me explain Jamb regularization in another way.

Meaning Of Regularization In Practical

When you got admission into your previous school, Polytechnic, College of Education or any other ones. There are chances that your polytechnic or college of education admitted you then without Jamb's Knowledge or approval. This could happened in two ways:
  1. You were admitted as a part time student who did not write jamb to secure the admission. So you don't even have Jamb number.
  2. You wrote Jamb and you got admission but your school did not notify Jamb of your admission. Even though you have Jamb number.
Whatever the situation is, you are in the same problem.

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How To Know You Have Regularization Problem Before You Obtain Direct Entry Form

This is not funny, because you might not have been aware if not that you want to obtain direct entry form, or you want to go to NYSC.To know if you have this problem. Follow the steps below:
  1. Go to www.jamb.org.ng
  2. Scroll to the year you wrote your jamb (e.g 2013)
  3. Click on Check admission Status
  4. Enter your Jamb number and click enter.
You will get a message like 'Sorry no admission is given yet' 

Note: The above procedures is to be carried out only by those who have a Jamb number. In case you were a part time students then, you entered without taking Jamb, don't bother to check. I will tell you what to do.

Either you have Jamb number or part time students, you are both in the same problem.

Follow these steps to do Regularization

  1. Go back to your previous school either polytechnic or College of Education where you graduated.
  2. Go straight to the students affairs unit to inform them you want to do regularization
  3. Pay the jamb regularization fee i.e N5000
  4. Complete the necessary forms
  5. In few weeks, you school will submit your data to jamb and Jamb will send you a new jamb number through your school.
  6. Thereafter, go back to your school to ask for the new Jamb number in weeks later
  7. Then use the new Jamb number to register for your direct entry. 
  8. This is how to get jamb regularization number...Simple
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This is simple enough. 

When Is Jamb Regularization Deadline?

You just have to act fast and almost immediately. Jamb may not announce the deadline for regularization until its about a week. But try to contact your school today, and confirm if its still on. The faster the better. so That you can complete your direct entry form almost immediately.

Note: The same procedures applies to prospective NYSC corpers who want to go for NYSC but are facing Jamb regularization problems. 

I hope this helps?


  1. u've been most helpful sire, thanks

  2. another quest. pls, I read a lot of comment in some other sites where some people complained,even though getting the regularized jamb number from the school, when they try checking it still says not valid,some though. pls what could be the cause of this?

  3. Blessed morning to you all please i did jamb regularization my form was sent to jamb from ma sch and uptill now i avent receive pin or number from jamb in other for me to print ma admission letter and submit in sch .please without ma admission letter ma name will not be send for mobilization and they are complying the list till 5th of march please i beg you in the name of GOD please kindly treats regularization forms coming from AKWAPOLY pls Thank you for your understanding. Have a blessed and a lovely weekday

    1. Your school should do the rightful rather, JAMB will not delay you.

  4. hi,
    I paid #10,000 for my jamb regularization since January and til now I haven't gotten my pin...
    what should I do?

  5. Elegant it happened to me too few days ago I was able to do it...Go to your state jamb office and BEG them to upload your form to headquarters. Once it reaches Abuja immediately they will change your details. It is the state that hasn't uploaded yet. It is your old jamb number that you will still use, no new number will be given to you.

  6. i wrote jamb but was admitted as a part time student, pls will i be issue another jamb result after the regularization or how does it works?. cuz my jamb result is very okay

  7. good-day sir, please can a school that have not been accredited partake in such exercise to acquire jamb number for her student? or must such school be accredited before it can carryout jamb regularization exercise?

  8. Enter your comment...please sir, jamb has given me a new jamb reg number after I have done my jamb regularization but when I checked my admission status they reply no data found for that academic year, please what should I do

  9. am MOHAMMED ALHASSAN NDABA i did regularization and i hv not be send pin can i collect DE form.

  10. Hello Sir, in a scenario in which after checking my admission status on jamb website and I was given Medicine by jamb. But the school gave me a different course due to my post ume result then. Eventually, I didn't graduate with medicine but with biochemistry. I have completed my NYSC but want to get a D.E form to study another course in the university. Will I still need to do Jamb Regularization?

  11. Can i stand d chance pls?? Because i saw dinstinction in d requirement...


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