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The Significant Impact Of Education On Sustainable National Development In Nigeria

The Significant Impact Of Education On

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Sustainable National Development In Nigeria



Background to the Study

 No nation in the world that wants progress will take for granted the education of their country. Nobody can denied the fact that education is the bedrock of any developed nation, as no  development can take place in a country where the education system is not a viable one( Lawal Ojibara 2009).

The recent technological advancement in the world today is attributed to the breakthrough experienced in the field of education. So any country yearning for any meaningful progress must accord education a special place in the scheme of its business. Education as they say is an agent of change which transforms those who pursue it (Balogun, in Peter 2008).

According to the National Policy on Education (NPE, 2004), education is considered as an essential agent of change and development the government need in realizing the socio-economic, political and cultural importance of education to national development. Education has been generally acclaimed as a very potential tool for growth and development of Economic, Political and Social resources worldwide (Ajayi, 1989). This implies that there is a global awareness of the importance of education as the most predictable and material for developing countries in Africa, being aware of the role and relevance of education for national development

Also, school as an agent of change plays some prominent roles in national development, they create an opportunity for the growth of an individual to some and contribute meaningfully to issues affecting himself/herself and the society where he/she lives, thereby creating opportunity for national development. It is widely acceptable that an educated fellow is the future of every society thus curriculum integrates as parts of the school provide such support (Yahaya, 2009).

The provision of education to provide functional living for transformation of national agenda as the benefits of revised exercise would bring to the education sector in particular and to the nations aspiration of becoming one of the best 20 developed economics by year 2020; education at all level should be accorded its meaningful support (Agaku, 2003).

The National Policy on Education (NPE, 2004) placed higher education on a higher priority to cater for individual needs and the need of the entire society. Education is the most important instrument of socialization, development, integration, reform and specialization. This effort is been made to ensure that the system is on course through effective monitoring and supervision.

According to Jibril (1998) it is the process of cultural transmission and renewal. Perhaps, the most germane definition of education especially in the light of the above topic was that given by Hegel (the philosopher) in which education was defined as the progressive perfection of humanity from simple non-cultivated, primitive state of mind through hard discipline of labour and toil to the consciousness and exercise of freedom.



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